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What could have future master of animal science and a bachelor of science in administrative sciences, in common?

So many things, but above all a great desire to travel and discovering hidden places. We are Saša and Borut, a couple since way back in 2010...

The passion to travel has emerged with a visit to Egypt, then escalating to Cyprus and Turkey. First it was all very tranquil and boring through various Slovenian travel agencies, but soon we realized that this was not for us, and especially not for our wallet. The same year we organize our first trip by ourselves to Morocco and from there began to emerge a blog, you’re just reading.

That the blog is not too boring, worry Saša with her talent in photography and precision in the production and improvement of our website. Borut rather go behind the camera and shoot some videos, from which you more clearly see what is happening on the other side of the world. Anyway, more than you read, more you will learn about us and about the destination, which we visit.

If you have any questions, you can always contact us on our email info@najinapotovanja.si, send us a message via the following form or simply leave a comment below any post. Do not hesitate, take the computer mouse in your hands, lay fingers on your smartphone and fins an idea for your next dream destination.

S & B

- susan sontag -


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