Ich bin ein Berliner

If only the days at work were going as fast as on vacation. Do you agree? Three days in Berlin have fled with speed of light. We really can’t repeat Kennedy’s famous word with which he wanted to get some love from locals: »Ich bin ein Berliner« – which in a literal translation means, »I am a donut«. Well, we are not exactly donuts, although we have just been stuffed with chocolate in those days (but about this little bit later) – we are not locals even; although we have to admit that the German capital has already slipped under our skin.

Perhaps Berlin really does not have world-famous buildings, priceless art collections and similar things that would attract millions of tourists to the city. But what bring people here? Definitely a special pulse of the city and its openness to difference and uniqueness. Do not be surprised by passersby who enjoying the bottle of beer in the early morning hours; teens with big portables speakers taking care that you get familiar with German underground rap music and, of course that a good kilometer of damaged wall painted with graffiti is one of the main attractions.

This colorful wall was from the middle until the end of the last century wrapped in gray and misery, because it represented a physical barrier in the city, which divided it into two parts. This wall was in the center of countless unpleasant stories of that time. Part of the wall was also a Brandenburg Gates, which are today still distinctive symbol of the city. Quadriga with the goddess of peace, which is standing on the 12 Doric pillars, Napoleon even took to Paris after he conquer Berlin, later on the Nazis adopted it as a symbol of victory and power. However, there was also another passage through the wall which was only used by the army and politicians – it is the Checkpoint Charlie, where American soldiers are still parading today, but they are there only as a decoration for a good photographs.

And here is something for all museum lovers out there. There is five most important museums in the city located on the island, Museum Island. Therefore, you can only admire the collection of paintings, ancient and medieval objects, as well as learn about life at the time of the divided Berlin. If you are interested in all of this much more than we do, then it will surely take a full day to visit them all.

In recent years, Berlin has also developed in the culinary. New restaurants, kiosks, stalls are opening in the city… even vans and food trucks found their place under the sun. So, at every turn you take, you can choose between German cuisine, fast food, Asian specialties and other delights from all around the world. And what do you really have to try when you are in Berlin? Currywurst! A combination of curry with a sausage. You will not believe it, but those two really goes together. Although you will find this dish around every corner, the most fresh and even better taste will be on one of the many street food markets. We tested our on Street Food auf Achse, which runs on Sundays. In addition to sausages, you will also smelled some other delicacies, which can be also accompanied by any of the many German beers.

Already in the first paragraph, we hinted that chocolate is once again a daily agenda. What we found this time? We believe that you all know the famous quadruple Ritter Sport chocolates! And yes, in Berlin, this brand has its own shop, which is not scale friendly 😀 Oh, mother of chocolate. In addition to all sensible and completely absurd tastes of chocolate, you can also create your own by yourself! Crazy! Since, of course, this is not enough, there is also a confectionary on the upper floor. A café, where you can enjoy in taste of many cakes or in the case, you are on a diet – sink some pieces of fruits into mini chocolate fountain. This shop is ideal for all chocoholics… Saša still have wet, or rather chocolate dreams about this!

One more thing. Let us make your choice easier and recommend you H2 hotel on Alexanderplatz, which is practically in the city center. The hotel has super modern, clean and comfortable rooms, and by far the most delicious breakfast! However, guys have in mind that, there is a bunch of more or less expensive stores in the area, which your better halves will have some problems to resist not to go there 🙂

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