Go to Florence and try the best toast

We saved the best for last. The most famous and most visited place in Tuscany – Florence. Full of museums, top restaurants, pastry shops and teeming masses of tourist who overwhelm the streets and many bridges over the Arno river.

From the town of Montecatini Terme to the suburb (Scandici) of Florence, we were driving half an hour down the highway and left the car in front of the famous shopping center Coop (Ponte a Greve), where the parking is free of charge. We get to the center with a tram. The ticket price is € 1.20 – you can use it for 90 minutes and applies to travel by bus also. You can buy it at vending machines or tobacco shops.

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Weekend road trip

What do we need:

–   Four unexpected days off
–   Great weather forecast
–   Sunglasses
–   Passport

Yeah.. that’s all we need for our first road trip for the weekend. It was just about time, to test our black lightning bolt (car) and do much more kilometres in one piece than usual.

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