Free trip to Ras Al Khaimah

It’s finally time to check off United Arab Emirates from our bucket list! Modern cities, with of course, Dubai and Abu Dhabi at forefront, which are still filled with rich history and permeated with fragrances of perfumes and spices.

We thought about the Emirates for a good time now, but we always choose other destinations. A good year ago, we even bought ourselves a Lonely Planet, but until now it was only sitting on the shelf and served as an excellent dust catcher 🙂

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New York, New York!

To America, second time this year? Why not! At the beginning of the year, we were on divine Cuba, but this time we are returning across the Atlantic slightly more north, to the United States, to a city that never sleeps. Town’s skyscrapers are a perfect scene for thousands of films and TV series… you’ve all certainly heard about four friends in the cult series Sex in the City, or laughing to the tears when you watch lost but ingenious boy in the comedy Home alone. Yeah, we will spend a week in the city of all cities, New York!

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Lonely Planet? Yes or no.

Are you one of the aspiring travellers who prefer to travel on their own as to the organization of the trip turned to the travel agency? How or what helps you plan your route? Do you get information’s only on the internet, you rely on storytelling from various forums and blogs or in the other hand, you rather take a good old book and browse through the tour guides? We swear to the last option and necessary errand before each trip for us – is to buy a brand new guide.

Which one to choose? Always the best of the best, the world’s successful record label, which already printed more than 120 million books in eleven different languages. As you may already have gathered from the title, of course we are talking about guides from publisher Lonely Planet.

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Weekend road trip

What do we need:

–   Four unexpected days off
–   Great weather forecast
–   Sunglasses
–   Passport

Yeah.. that’s all we need for our first road trip for the weekend. It was just about time, to test our black lightning bolt (car) and do much more kilometres in one piece than usual.

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Hot winter holidays, Sri Lanka

Saša gave an idea and Borut insisted with it, so here we are. We will spend our cold winter holidays in February, on the island of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka. This island country in Asia, where we will catch the first sun rays this year – is covered with tropical forests, tea-tree and surrounded with sandy beaches. Sounds like a paradise, doesn’t it? After all the pictures and reading, we expect a journey, where we will witness gravel roads, exotic animals, tea and curry.

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Trip to the centre of France

The decision was made, the next destination is one of the world-famous European capitals – Paris, the city of endless love, world-class cuisine and priceless art. The capital city of France, counts about 100 thousand inhabitants more than the entire Slovenia and stretches over 105 km2. Attractions that are there, we would not even listing, because we think that by virtue of their global visibility, are known to every one of you.

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Spain? Ok, let’s go in Catalonia

Our Lonely Planet is ready to go… in search of sunshine and early summer temperatures, this time at the end of the March we are going on a short vacation in Spain, specifically in Barcelona. The capital city of Catalonia is certainly the most recognizable because of the football club which wears the same name, however it does not lack either architectural and other attractions, among which certainly dominated by the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia and Park Guell, designed by architect Antoni Gaudi.

Traveling on our own quickly became a habit, so we follow our habit once more. We really recommend you to do the same. Forget about the tourism agencies, they charges you at least hundred percent more, and become more adventurous. It is true that when you go on such trip you would face some more worries.

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Our “to do list” for the capital city of England

“To do list”:

–  take a picture of English flag
–  make a selfie with the queen
–  take a ride with Double-Decker
–  have a lunch at one of the markets
–  drink beer in the English pub
–  see the changing of the guard
–  totally calm go past all the coolest shops in Oxford Street
–  buy at least snow globe for our collection…

Oh, we are going to London. And you? Fortunately, there is no red alert and enormous amounts of snow like here in Slovenia. The forecast seems excellent. From 0°C to 6°C, sometimes sunny and probably from time to time, also cloudy weather. We will not complain… but hat, scarf and gloves are the thing, which will definitely go with us in a suitcase.

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Archipelago of twenty islands and reefs: Malta

We are already waiting for the third destination of this year, Malta – a small and densely populated island country located in Southern Europe, in the central Mediterranean Sea. Her charms we will discover for a week, from 19th to 26th September. We are flying from Venice Marco Polo Airport with AirMalta airline. Our 7 days accommodation in Malta will be budget hotel Bugibba, which is located on the Qawra peninsula. All together, we booked through the Slovenian Agency EuroGo, because we would in the case of personal booking for the same hotel and airline tickets, pay € 80 more per person.

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