From iconic tower in Pisa to secret town of Lucca

Not this exit, but the next one! No next one, the last was the right one! Have you found out, what was that talk about? Of course, this was not our argument, but Borut just wanted to figure it out, where the hell this GPS device is trying to draw us. At the moment we were led to countless exits in huge Bologna, device misfires. Therefore, despite some minor inconveniences we still happily travelled 560 kilometres long road to our accommodation. Vintage Hotel is located in a small town, Montecatini Terme, situated between Pisa and Florence. Due to the location, orderliness, huge parking and because of a relatively good price, we would recommend it to anyone. Just compliments for the mentioned hotel! In general, the city is also great starting point for the route to all major towns, villages and sights in central Tuscany.

Where to go first? 46 km away to the Wonders Square in Pisa. The main attraction is undoubtedly the skewed tower, and there is thousands of tourists, who would like in one or another way, to straighten it up.

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Weekend road trip

What do we need:

–   Four unexpected days off
–   Great weather forecast
–   Sunglasses
–   Passport

Yeah.. that’s all we need for our first road trip for the weekend. It was just about time, to test our black lightning bolt (car) and do much more kilometres in one piece than usual.

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