Country on two continents: TURKEY

Itinerary: Unique Istanbul
Istanbul is a city that has a little more than others, with its unique vibe, it attracts many visitors every year who spend just couple of days in the city or even take a longer vacation. Bargaining on stalls, strolling between more or less well-known landmarks and enjoying delicious and
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Istanbul, a city of bazaars, mosques and kebabs
Forget about the all-inclusive resorts near Mediterranean Sea, Istanbul is the real Turkey you want to discover. The city has a really different but at the same time very interesting vibe, it has cheap and especially good food, a whole lot of sights and numerous markets, where you can find
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One vacation, three continents
This time, our trip will be a little different than we are used to, we will visit three continents in ten days! Perhaps at first glance, this really seems like and extremely crowded travel plan, but according to the calculations, this will be a really great daily schedule for us
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Tulips, windlasses and windmills: NETHERLANDS

Amsterdam, more than just a normal European city
Maybe we went to Amsterdam with a little misconception – that this is yet another of many European cities, that the way of life is just the same as we are used to it from home and that we practically will not see something particularly impressive or new. But it
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In fight with the windmills
This time, we are heading to the country, that is famous for tulips, windmills, cheeses and the capital city in which smoking of cannabis is quite ordinary; workers who are »employed« in the oldest craft (probably everyone knows what we are talking about) even have their own union 🙂
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Eastern empire: AUSTRIA

For a piece of Sacher cake in Vienna
Why should we, on every sunny summer weekend escape to the beach? Do you really want to move in slow motion on the motorways to the south? Probably not! That is why we jumped to the north this time and served you with this great idea for a wonderful one-day
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A mixture of beer and football: GERMANY

Ich bin ein Berliner
If only the days at work were going as fast as on vacation. Do you agree? Three days in Berlin have fled with speed of light. We really can’t repeat Kennedy’s famous word with which he wanted to get some love from locals: »Ich bin ein Berliner« – which in
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Let’s give him a chance…
Hurray for us! It’ not even a month since we came back from our summer vacation and we are already on the road once again. For all of you who have not liked our Facebook page yet, let we just say that in the coming days we will be discovering
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The land of pasta, tomatoes and basil: ITALY

No pigeon, no Venice
Why should we spent a free sunny day at home, when we can go on a short trip across the border. This time we return to the place where we realized that the travels will definitely be a part of our lives. At our first trip we went to Venice,
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Go to Florence and try the best toast
We saved the best for last. The most famous and most visited place in Tuscany – Florence. Full of museums, top restaurants, pastry shops and teeming masses of tourist who overwhelm the streets and many bridges over the Arno river. From the town of Montecatini Terme to the suburb (Scandici)
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Panoramic drive to San Gimignano and Siena
Priority of road trip? You have opportunity to visit places that are practically inaccessible with public transport. This time we use this and embarked on a panoramic journey, road winds between Tuscan hills overgrown with vines and huge plantations of yellow sunflowers.
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From iconic tower in Pisa to secret town of Lucca
Not this exit, but the next one! No next one, the last was the right one! Have you found out, what was that talk about? Of course, this was not our argument, but Borut just wanted to figure it out, where the hell this GPS device is trying to draw
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Weekend road trip
What do we need: –   Four unexpected days off –   Great weather forecast –   Sunglasses –   Passport Yeah.. that’s all we need for our first road trip for the weekend. It was just about time, to test our black lightning bolt (car) and do much more
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Rome and Vatican City
Summary. We visited all the major attractions, as a total atheists heard the Italian mass in the middle of Vatican square (we didn’t understand a word, of course), weaved to Pope (from distance he looks like an awesome guy)… used a bus without buying a ticket, our mornings started with
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All the roads lead to…
Our European tour continues – slowly but steadily. After last year’s visit to London, Paris and Barcelona, this time, we choose the Eternal City, the capital of Italy – Rome. They say that this is a city and a museum in one… if this is true, we will definitely tell
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The land in the heart of Europe: SLOVAKIA

A short walk through Bratislava
Said and done! On the way home from Budapest, we made 200 kilometres long turn. Well, maybe there were two. You know one left and one right 😛 …joke aside. We went to the capital of the country, whose flag and name are very similar to ours (if someone forget,
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Territory with a rich tradition: HUNGARY

The best in the last second, Budapest
Days around the first of November, we traditionally spend with our loved ones and remember those who are no longer with us. However, this year we put those morbid things aside, took advantage of extra-long weekend, and went on a short road trip. Yes, back to the neighbors. But this
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Our southern neighbor: CROATIA

Many years in a row… The island of Krk
Are you among those who still do not know where to spend the holidays and looking for ultra last minute opportunities? Have you thought about southern neighbor of Slovenia? No doubt. We think that 80 % Slovenians at the thought of holidays and the sea, still have in mind the
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Advent in Zagreb in one day
Looking for the meaning of Christmas? Holiday spirit? Or you just want to taste the festive goodies, which includes mulled wine and freshly baked sausages? All of this can be found on the officially most beautiful Advent fair in Europe this year and also last year. No, this is not
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A true holiday
It is true that several times a year we afford some a bit shorter and one longer trip, but nevertheless on our calendar every year appears the best 10 days in the end of July, which could be call a real vocation. Holiday, which don’t need further planning – we
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Province of unstoppable romance: FRANCE

Paris is always a good idea
Bonjour Madame, Monsieur… no English please. Paris totally impressed us! Enormous number of walked miles callouses on the feet, muscle pain… but everything is almost forgotten and definitely we will forever remain in our memory one another crazy experience. Paris is not exactly cheap, but with little flexibility you can
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Trip to the centre of France
The decision was made, the next destination is one of the world-famous European capitals – Paris, the city of endless love, world-class cuisine and priceless art. The capital city of France, counts about 100 thousand inhabitants more than the entire Slovenia and stretches over 105 km2. Attractions that are there,
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Country with temperament: SPAIN

Barcelona: City of genius, city of Gaudi
Barcelona here we are… we flew for the first time with less well-known Spanish low-cost carrier Vueling. Small, half-empty aircraft, a lot of comfort and a 15-minute short flight than planned. This was followed by – in comparison with other countries – very well organized transfer to the city centre.
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Spain? Ok, let’s go in Catalonia
Our Lonely Planet is ready to go… in search of sunshine and early summer temperatures, this time at the end of the March we are going on a short vacation in Spain, specifically in Barcelona. The capital city of Catalonia is certainly the most recognizable because of the football club
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Territory with rich history: ENGLAND

How London fires millions of pounds up in the air
We spend this New Year’s Eve in little bit different way. Somewhere on the island, in a crowd of couple thousand of people, who for about 15 minutes admired thousands of rockets that rose to the with the rhythms of popular music and continuously enlightened the sky over the city.
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London calling!
After one-hour flight delay at the airport in Ljubljana, neither the first transport in London was not meant to be. Terravision bus service, where we bought a return ticket for the transfer to the city centre, due to overcrowding, in front of our nose closed the door. After endless waiting
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Our “to do list” for the capital city of England
“To do list”: –  take a picture of English flag –  make a selfie with the queen –  take a ride with Double-Decker –  have a lunch at one of the markets –  drink beer in the English pub –  see the changing of the guard –  totally calm go
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Archipelago of twenty islands and reefs: MALTA

Southern part of Malta
It is more poorer area of Malta, with smaller settlements, which are not too densely populated or tourist developed. For a change, you only meet tourist at two main attractions in this area, the Blue Grotto and Hagar Qim with Mnajdra Temples. They are connected with at times very well
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Mdina and Rabat
Mdina and Rabat were sometimes a unitary city, and then were separate by Arabs, which raised walls around Mdina. Mdina is the former capital city of Malta and is located in the centre of the island. It is also known as the “silent city” with narrow streets, which with great
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Comino and Gozo
Since we already received countless offers for boat ride to the islands of Comino and Gozo from various tourist companies, today we finally choose the best one. We have paid € 20 per person, that’s € 5 more, we would spend, if took a local bus to port of Cirkewwa,
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Popeye Village in Anchor bay
Today we went back in the time of our childhood. We visited Popeye Village in Anchor bay. Anchor bay was named after anchors from Roman times that were once washed up on the shore. It is an artificial village, which was built in the eighties for the purpose of Hollywood
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Start in Bugibba and capital Valletta
Our passports could be today without any problems left at home. Officials in Venice and then also here in Malta, checked us in such a hurry like in the middle of the night when you go across the border with Croatia at the checkpoint Dragonja, where usually sits one sleepy
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Archipelago of twenty islands and reefs: Malta
We are already waiting for the third destination of this year, Malta – a small and densely populated island country located in Southern Europe, in the central Mediterranean Sea. Her charms we will discover for a week, from 19th to 26th September. We are flying from Venice Marco Polo Airport
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