A true holiday

It is true that several times a year we afford some a bit shorter and one longer trip, but nevertheless on our calendar every year appears the best 10 days in the end of July, which could be call a real vocation. Holiday, which don’t need further planning – we are not thinking about, if we will have enough time for sightseeing; where can we find the internet, that we can write about our experiences, so you and our closest family and friends can follow us; don’t need to worry about where to eat and especially what to eat and so on…

For the fifth year in a row we go together to Croatia, to the island of Krk – City of Krk – in the same apartment, we will sunbathe on the same beach, every day we will eat barbecue specialities from Saša’s father and spend the evening walking through narrow streets of the city, with ice cream in our hands. It is real that holidays in our southern neighbours cannot compare with the exploration of exotic and some other European countries, but we enjoy it here, we take rest and charge our battery to full.

Given the fact, that we now have our own website and a few people who follow us on Facebook and Instagram… this year we will take some time and in coming days or week – especially for those who never visit the second-largest Croatian island – try to briefly and concisely present you above-mentioned city.

Stay tuned.

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Morda vas zanima še

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