Across Death Valley to the city of sins, Las Vegas

We rented a car for the first time in our travel career. We booked it in advance through the website Special thanks goes to Google translate for the translation from German language, because in other word we very likely would not have a clue what kind of car would we get and even less what insurance is included and many other things. However, let us leave the details for some other time.

We made the first kilometers on the Highway 1, a winding road from San Francisco to Los Angeles right by the sea and offers wonderful views of the cliffs and beaches. We made a detour to Santa Cruz and continue our trip to Bakersfield, where we made our first stop – the city is great spot for driving to Las Vegas through Death Valley.

The valley name says it all! On these infinitely, log straight roads through the desert you simply do not want to be left without gasoline. However, if this happens to you, you will probably be left without a signal on your phone, there will also be some hellish high temperatures and you will have very limited possibilities for solution 🙂 Nevertheless, there is nothing to be afraid off, just enjoy driving along unusual surroundings.

A diverse terrain served with something new by every few dozen kilometers – plains, canyons, sand dunes, really something for each and every one. However, you should not miss the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes, the colorful Artist’s Palette, the main visitor center at Furnace Creek and the beautiful view from Zabriskie Point. Entry fee is $ 30 per car – but is one necessary quick tip… instead of paying the entry to each park separately, you should rather buy an annual ticket. The card costs $ 80 for a whole car, which can include four adult people (over 16 years old), children have free access and you can visit about 2000 different national parks – we think that this is great deal! You can order it at home online or buy it at the »visitor center«, which is usually located near the entrance to the each park.

The last stop was Las Vegas. The city of sins, gaming machines and prestigious hotels! Crazy! We thought that the prices of overnight stays here would be the highest, but we can now make you happy, the thing is a little different. During the week, the prices are ridiculously low and it turned out that our two nights in Vegas were the cheapest on this trip. Low prices attract more guests, who leave more money in casinos. Simple mathematics. Each hotel has its own casino, where both hotel guests and other passers-by can spend some coins.

Despite the facts that Las Vegas is alive only in the evening, you can also enjoy during the day, while walking through Strip, the main street where all the best-known hotels, hundreds of shops and cafes are located. Maybe it sounds a bit funny but city’s main attractions are hotel. Bellagio with a fountain, where water jets dance with the rhythms of the latest hits, the Cesar’s Palace in the form of a Roman temple, the Luxor with the sphinx and the pyramid… really something special.

Prepare your dollars and try your luck. You never know, maybe you will left the Vegas with a bundle of money and plans for your next trips to some exotic destinations. Good luck.

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