Hot winter holidays, Sri Lanka

Saša gave an idea and Borut insisted with it, so here we are. We will spend our cold winter holidays in February, on the island of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka. This island country in Asia, where we will catch the first sun rays this year – is covered with tropical forests, tea-tree and surrounded with sandy beaches. Sounds like a paradise, doesn’t it? After all the pictures and reading, we expect a journey, where we will witness gravel roads, exotic animals, tea and curry.

For a change, this time we are flying from Ljubljana through Belgrade and Abu Dhabi to the capital city of Sri Lanka, Colombo. This will be our longest flight so far, but the experience will be even bigger, because we will be flying with one of the best airlines in the world, Etihad. Airline tickets we purchased via the Austrian provider and paid € 877,30 for both. We decided to book ahead our accommodations, so we will not unnecessarily waste time searching for hotels in the middle of peak season.

This time we will write down some more numbers and information, because we would like to assist those who will be travel here in the future. Hope you don’t mind.

Hip hip hooray for hot February on the other end of the world.

Be in flowers 🙂

S & B

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