Lonely Planet? Yes or no.

Are you one of the aspiring travellers who prefer to travel on their own as to the organization of the trip turned to the travel agency? How or what helps you plan your route? Do you get information’s only on the internet, you rely on storytelling from various forums and blogs or in the other hand, you rather take a good old book and browse through the tour guides? We swear to the last option and necessary errand before each trip for us – is to buy a brand new guide.

Which one to choose? Always the best of the best, the world’s successful record label, which already printed more than 120 million books in eleven different languages. As you may already have gathered from the title, of course we are talking about guides from publisher Lonely Planet.

Why Lonely Planet?

Going to Antarctica, to trek into the heart of the Amazon jungle or you will take only shopping at any of the famous streets in London. In all of this situations can certainly help one of the Lonely Planet guides. Each is written by several world travellers, who have spent a lot of time in a foreign city – country that hash out all the secrets and deliver us info’s, from which could we take advantage in discovering unknown. For each guide, publisher regularly take care of the new reprints, therefore, the books mostly always have fresh and updated data.

What does the guide offer?

Everything. Yes, everything – from basic information’s about town or country, schedules of public transport, hotel offers, the best and a little less good restaurants, shopping and all the way to the history, attractions and other extremely useful information. Everything is neatly designed, with many useful maps and pictures of the most important attractions.

Guides also offer pre-prepared daily plans, which could be great advantage to your additional personal idea. They do not forget on aspiring students of foreign languages and add a glossary of frequently used words and phrases in each country.

Where can I buy a Lonely Planet guide?

In all bigger bookshops or simply subscribe through their website, where they often offer discount or option, pay 2 get 3. Delivery time for Slovenia is 20th business days and the postage for purchases above 35 euros is free of charge. Of course, you can also borrow the guides in some local libraries, but there will probably only be available older releases.

Not to miss! As today actually everyone, also Lonely Planet is caring for modernization and offers you guides in electronic version. We’re just prefer dusting from the books in physical shapes 😁

So… where you belong?

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