Rome and Vatican City

Summary. We visited all the major attractions, as a total atheists heard the Italian mass in the middle of Vatican square (we didn’t understand a word, of course), weaved to Pope (from distance he looks like an awesome guy)… used a bus without buying a ticket, our mornings started with a cup of energetic machiato, we tested special pizzas and ate an ice cream for € 8 (shock). Joyful 😃

Well, of course, a word or two with regard to the rest of…

Rome has two airports, the main Fiumicino and smaller Ciampino, we arrived on the first, which is approximately 30 km from the town centre. The best and cheapest connection with the city (railway station Termini) are shuttle services. The return ticket cost € 8. But you can also choose between slower train and sinfully expensive taxi.

Already on arrival at the station – Termin, we learned a lesson. On the smartphone always update the GPS before you go on a journey where you don’t have internet connections. Borut has forget about that, uuups… and now let’s find a street which is not drawn on a physical map?

Hands up anyone who has ever heard of Roman Colosseum? If you actually rise up and in the moment just look extremely funny, you just calmly descend back 😁 This huge amphitheatre in its golden day hosted bloody gladiatorial fights, which were back then monitored by 55 thousand people. In the surrounding area is Roman forum and Palatine Hill, there was a start of the mighty Roman Empire. Here we can see various temples, houses of former emperors and large sport complex called Circus Maximus, where they competed with horse carriages. For the last one you may have heard in movie »Asterix and Obelix«.

On capital of Italy renaissance left a big impression in which Raphael, Michelangelo, da Vinci and many others play, a major role.

We took a walk on »Piazza« – squares in Italian. Among them Piazza de Venezia with magnificent white building Il Vittoriano, Piazza Navona and Piazza del Popolo, really stood out. Yeah piazzas all over the place… they are linked with streets overwhelmed with tourist who browsing in Italian brands boutique shops.

We were charmed by the largest and most famous fountain in Rome, the Trevi Fountain. If you throw a coin into it, you will, according to legend, one-day return to the Eternal City again. However, if we collect all the money at the end of the day, we would have enough to afford a fantastic luxury holidays. Tourist throw in there for € 3.000 of coins daily.

When to visit the Vatican, if not on »the Lord« Sunday. At the time we came to the St. Peter’s Square, inundated with couple of thousands of more or less religious people, we as a fanatical atheists well aware of what a last day in the week means to Christians. Of course, there was Mass in the running… but the atmosphere was even crazier, Mass was led by one and only, pope Francis, himself.

We must inform you that when the Pope have the word (at the mass and speech) basilica is closed to all visitors. Therefore, we had no other choice than to wait till the end of the ceremony and after that ascend to the top of St. Peter’s Basilica, to which leads 551 stairs. Thank God we have a slim figure (laughs), because otherwise, we would stuck somewhere in the middle and ironically even a God could no longer help us. Corridors are at times really very narrow and tempo held by Chinese tourist kept reminded us on some speed race – for example, running on the Crystal Palace in Ljubljana. Yes, we lost few calories, but we still paid for it (6 euros per person).

Now we can confirm that the Rome is city and museum in one. Civilizations that have been throughout history one-way or another associated with it have left their mark. Exceptionally well-preserved ancient and renaissance buildings indicate how luxurious life was like in this part of Italy.

Public transport in Rome tends to be poor due to marked stations and lines, but thankfully the city centre itself is not exactly huge. On the internet, you can, as we did, get the map of the metro lines, which have not yet been built or something like that. For all means of transport is considered one ticket that can be purchased at vending machines or inside tobacco shops. One cost € 1,5 and is valid for 100 minutes. For longer holiday or a greater number of journeys use google to search for various types of tickets.

Here is little advertising for the end. If your next destination is the Eternal city, you can look at and search for Villa Lanusei. For someone would seem a little pricey, but it is located in a great location with good connections to the centre (bus no. 51), in addition, there is extremely friendly staff. Oh, and if you’re lucky, you can enjoy in free croissants in the evenings 😋


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