Canary Islands – Gran Canaria

We have always been fans of summer temperatures and the scorching sun, which is why we almost every winter, or this year more likely autumn, escape to a warm place… sometimes far away, but this time a little bit closer. We’re still in Europe, but by looking at the map, it’s hard to believe that this place is still part of the old continent. So, where did we look for warm weather and sunshine in the midst of our “almost” winter? In the Canary Islands – specifically on Gran Canaria, the main of the seven islands that make up the Spanish archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean along the southern coast of Morocco.

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Canary Islands – Tenerife

Traveling during an »epidemic« is like a bag of surprise, you never know what awaits you. Will the borders be open, what documents will you need to get on board of the plane… and we could list a couple more things. Yes, no one imagined such times even in our wildest dreams. Among the destinations that may be »easier« to access, we chose Spain and their largest and at the same time the most populated island among Canary Islands, Tenerife. Due to all the uncertainties, we bought the plane tickets only 1 week before departure.

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Barcelona: City of genius, city of Gaudi

Barcelona here we are… we flew for the first time with less well-known Spanish low-cost carrier Vueling. Small, half-empty aircraft, a lot of comfort and a 15-minute short flight than planned. This was followed by – in comparison with other countries – very well organized transfer to the city centre. Bus carrier Aero bus drives to the main station Catalunya onto every 5 – 10 minutes, and from there we just switched to metro and practically already walked into our hotel, which was only a stone’s throw away from the station Lesseps. But here we faced a one minor problem. We reserved hotel from home, but since we reserved airline tickets as well we used up almost all the limit on our MasterCard and because of that our advance hotel reservation was not successful. After 5 minutes of silence, contemplation on the computer screen and the constant typing on the keyboard, receptor then finally give us one of the hotel room. Moral of the story: if you book hotel in advance, at least check whether the reservation was successful 🙂

Where to start? Of course, on the main promenade in Barcelona, on the main street called La Rambla, which takes you from one of the main squares, Plaça de Catalunya and all the way to the port. At every moment you feel the hustle formed by many tourist, shops and restaurants have various offers here.

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Spain? Ok, let’s go in Catalonia

Our Lonely Planet is ready to go… in search of sunshine and early summer temperatures, this time at the end of the March we are going on a short vacation in Spain, specifically in Barcelona. The capital city of Catalonia is certainly the most recognizable because of the football club which wears the same name, however it does not lack either architectural and other attractions, among which certainly dominated by the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia and Park Guell, designed by architect Antoni Gaudi.

Traveling on our own quickly became a habit, so we follow our habit once more. We really recommend you to do the same. Forget about the tourism agencies, they charges you at least hundred percent more, and become more adventurous. It is true that when you go on such trip you would face some more worries.

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