Trip to the centre of France

The decision was made, the next destination is one of the world-famous European capitals – Paris, the city of endless love, world-class cuisine and priceless art. The capital city of France, counts about 100 thousand inhabitants more than the entire Slovenia and stretches over 105 km2. Attractions that are there, we would not even listing, because we think that by virtue of their global visibility, are known to every one of you.

In the city of romance, we fly with Ryanair from Venice airport and land in Beauvais. Due to the remoteness of the airport from the city centre, are the airline tickets significantly cheaper than to the other closer airports – despite the cost of transfer to the city. Accommodations are compared to the other places we’ve visited so far – much more expensive. Prices range from around € 60 (for 2 star hotel completely outside of the town) to € 150 per night (to a better location) for two persons. We chose a baseline scenario and booked Hotel Kuntz in 10th arr.

So, everything is ready… now we hope only to have a great weather and short queue in front of the Eiffel Tower.

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