In search of the US president, Washington

We cannot really get past the capital cities on our travels, so we also succumbed to tradition in United States. We went to Washington, and of course took the opportunity to knock on front doors of the White House to greet president and the first lady. We probably do not need to emphasise that she is a Slovenian 😁

Washington is located about four hours by bus from New York. The return ticket, for which we subtracted $ 40 per person, we booked at company called Megabus. The carrier surprised us with comfortable two-story vehicle, which even has WC and Wi-Fi.

The final stop was Union Station, just one kilometer away from our Hyatt Place Washington DC / US Capitol Hotel. We still do not know why, but the prices of overnight stays were considerably lower in those days compared to other dates, and consequently we could afford a little more luxury. We totally got it! A huge bed, living room, super-bathroom and a huge window with a view over the city. Great!

In addition to the White House, there a whole lot more of interesting attractions in Washington. We can start with the United States Capitol, the seat of the congress. Maybe it reminds you of the one in Havana, Cuba or vice versa? For all those who want to walk through this political building, it is possible to book a free tour in advance.

There are 19 museums and a zoo in Washington, operated by Smithsonian Institute and you, can visit them all free of charge. Well, we did not take the full advantage of the entire offer, because we went to only one, National Air and Space museum. Huge collection of planes, missiles, rockets and a variety of subjects related to aviation and the discovery of space. Along the Washington Mall, you can blaze your eyes in the museums of Indian, African culture, the National Gallery and the Natural History Museum. Something for everyone, but keep in mind that you need a plenty of time to visit them all.

In aforementioned park is also a 170 meters high obelisk or so called Washington Monument. It was built in honor of George Washington, the first president of the United States. Not far away and on the opposite side of the Reflecting Pool stands a huge statue (10 meters) of Abraham Lincoln, the 16th US president, who is credited for abolishing slavery on the US soil. So, for each president something…

What will they do in honor of Trump? 😃

The reason that we came to Washington was the home of the current president, the White house. Probably the most protected building in the world, to which ordinary mortals can approach just a few hundred meters. There are two roads, some fences and a huge garden between the house and us. You will definitely need a camera with a few dozen zoom for a good photo.

If you come to Washington by car, keep in mind that there is a lot of public parking spaces and garages, but they are expensive as hell. You will be charged between $ 30 and $ 60 for 24 hours for parking your car in the city center. Washington, compared to New York, is significantly smaller; there are no megalomaniac skyscrapers and all the main tourist attractions are quite cluttered on the pile. Book a day or two for a visit and you will see everything.

Oh, we forgot about one thing that is related to the sport, the ball and almost 20.000 fans, but about that in the next post… NBA! To fill some of your desire, here is one photo 😋

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