Where to travel in April

Here in Slovenia, we traditionally face with the rain and bad weather in this spring month – because of this, April is the best time to go on the other end of the world. Below we highlighted some destinations, which are the best to visit in this month. The reason to go there are summer temperatures, endless fields of multicolored flowers or white blooming avenues – the choice is yours!

Spring in Europe

Spring in Europe in April is already in full bloom and this is perfect time to visit practically all countries on the continent. What is better than endless plains of colored tulips, which can be admired in the Netherlands? Or maybe you prefer a vacation on the Mediterranean sea, which can be enjoyed on Cyprus? This time of year is also great for a quick city break in Paris, Copenhagen or Lisbon.


Would you rather go to the United States or to one of the paradise islands in Central America? If you choose the first option, then you have a very wide selection in April. Temperatures in this month are not that high so this is ideal time to visit the second largest state – Texas and attend a concert or festival. We also cannot pass the coastal towns like Miami and Los Angeles. A real vacation is waiting for you in the Caribbean, where we recommend to treating yourself with a mojito on Cuba or going to the Virgin Islands and enjoying in water sports.

Visit desert in Africa

Will Morocco satisfy you? Magazines classify it among top African destinations because there is no extremely high temperatures yet, which is great for walking around the streets and souks in Marrakech. You can also admire the biggest mosque in the country in Casablanca or enjoy a night in the desert. In Morocco is definitely something for everyone.


In April is the most beautiful in the land of the rising sun – Japan, where cherries bloom. Well it is not exactly a heaven for people with allergies to pollen, but it pays to be patient, because avenues of white blooming trees are really something special. The best ones you can find around Tokyo and Kyoto. Magazines also recommend a trip to China, especially to province of Yunnan and to Chengdu.

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