Where to travel in December

The year is almost over, the last one standing is December – the month, most of us connect it with holidays, snow, family and Christmas fairs. Nevertheless, the last month of the year is not reserved only for mulled wine, gingerbread and other sweet stuff, but it is also excellent for longer vacations somewhere in a warmer part of the world.

Festively decorated Europe

Europe is already covered with snow in December, Christmas fairs begin at the end of the month and all finish with New Year’s celebrations. If you are staying around Slovenia, we can suggest you to visit Graz, Vienna, Zagreb, there are also Prague, London and Berlin.

Would you like to experience something new? Have you already seen »Aurora Borealis«? Okay… maybe you hear this word for the first time in your life 😁 It is a wonderful weather phenomenon that you have the opportunity to admire in Sweden and also in other Scandinavian countries. But keep in mind that temperatures can be quite low during this time of year, so do not forget about additional sweater or even an extra jacket 😃

Given that ski resorts throughout Europe are in full swing, we probably do not need to emphasize that December trip to Austria and Italy is more than a great idea for daily or even weekly skiing. Only the prices tickets and overnight stays can be expensive.

The beginning of the tourist season in Asia

Forget about the snow and get ready for summer! In Asia, the monsoon period is completed, the period without rain and high temperatures is slowly starting off. Forget about the thick winter clothes and take a walk between tea plantations in Sri Lanka, expect a New Year in India or on lively streets in Thailand, and for a change, do your Christmas shopping in Dubai.

Summer temperatures in South and snow in North America

North America, with the exception of the south, is covered with snow and is quite similar to Europe. The bright spot is definitely Florida peninsula with Miami and Orlando. Disneyland, here we come!

Last month of the year is more than perfect to visit the South America → from Mexico, Jamaica, Colombia, Brazil and the Dominican Republic. It does not matter where you go, everywhere you will have a warm summer weather, luxury resorts and beach lounges. You can spice up your trip with some sightseeing, because each of above countries have a rich history.


The countries down under are also wrapped in pleasant summer temperatures in December. So why not afford a longer vacation in Australia and jump on a surfing course or dive on the Great Coral Reef. In neighboring New Zealand, you can enjoy a romantic break among vineyards, visit Hobbit Village and much more. Yeah it’s all great, but just too expensive.

Well, where are we going in January? 😋

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