Where to travel in March

Spring in March is already at our doorstep (finally!). We assume that like us, you are slowly getting tired of winter temperatures, gloomy shorter days and day-to-day of tearing the ice off your car’s windshield. It is time to go on vacation in warm places and below we listed some suggestion based on famous travel magazines. There are quite few interesting destinations.

Always-ideal America

Would you like to check if your swimwear still fits you after this long winter? Then we recommend the Caribbean. Dance on the rhythm of salsa in Puerto Rico or Cuba, have cocktail, two or three and enjoy the endlessly long sandy beaches. If you are a fan of Bob Marley, green substances and a tranquil life, then let us make you happy – March is ideal for visiting the Jamaica.

Would you rather go shopping in New York, checking you gambling skills in Las Vegas or wandering in one of many museums in Washington? Quite hard decision, because March is great month to visit both, the west and east coast of the United States.

Europe’s hibernation is ending

Why not skip early spring and jump directly in the summer instead? Almost summer temperatures in the Canary Islands are the perfect reason to visit this favorable destination. In addition, the continental part of Spain in March can offer you many great ideas – visit the football match in Madrid for example. You can also expect a great weather in Portugal.

Would you like to wait for the summer a bit longer? Then we suggest you to visit Iceland. Longer day, soaking yourself in warm thermal springs and admiration of the northern lights are just some reasons for visiting this country, which lies in the far north of the old continent.

In Africa for surfing and safari

Morocco? A country that will not let you down, regardless of the season! March is ideal for visiting seaside towns, such as Essaouira – a surfer paradise. For animal and safari lovers, well-known travel magazines recommend South Africa, where you can go to 19 national parks!

Dream vacations in Asia

With upcoming rainy season, the list of countries is slowly shrinking. The bright exception is Vietnam, which still has dry and warm weather in March. In addition, at the end of the tourist season you will find accommodations at significantly lower prices. Perfect or we should rather say dream vacations; you can have on the Maldives – the archipelago, where you can sunbathing on the beach, snorkel along beautiful coral reefs and eat fish every day.

For those who prefer walking between skyscrapers and artificial oases, then get down to Dubai. In this modern city, everyone finds something for himself… if only have money 🙃

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