London calling!

After one-hour flight delay at the airport in Ljubljana, neither the first transport in London was not meant to be. Terravision bus service, where we bought a return ticket for the transfer to the city centre, due to overcrowding, in front of our nose closed the door. After endless waiting in a long line at the ice-cold wind and after an hour and a half drive, we finally get more genuine charm of London – the crowd in one of the main railway stations, Victoria.

When you stop for a moment and look around yourself, you can feel the speed of the life. People are hurrying back and forth, from the train to the train, but despite the speed, they don’t forget the stereotypical English-friendliness and courtesy. In clusters of people you can constantly hear words like “sorry, excuse me” and similar phrases. Definitely quite a different story than we are accustomed in our country. Further excitement intensifies on the relatively narrow streets, interlaced with fast food chains ala McDonalds’, Burger Kind, Subway… and small cafes, where the lives of Londoners a little bit stops. They enjoy the moments with their friends in long chats over coffee, teas and delicious deserts. In all mentioned, you can stumble only at prices as such… for a white coffee they charged you around £ 3 (€ 4). About “normal food” in restaurants, we prefer not to talk, because the main dishes you cannot get under the £ 10. Yes, according to our experience, their lifestyle is at extremely high level.

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