In fight with the windmills

This time, we are heading to the country, that is famous for tulips, windmills, cheeses and the capital city in which smoking of cannabis is quite ordinary; workers who are »employed« in the oldest craft (probably everyone knows what we are talking about) even have their own union 😁

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New Year’s Eve in London

We spend this New Year’s Eve in little bit different way. Somewhere on the island, in a crowd of couple thousand of people, who for about 15 minutes admired thousands of rockets that rose to the with the rhythms of popular music and continuously enlightened the sky over the city. We have started a new year with a couple day trip to London and have watched one of the finest, longest and most expensive fireworks in the world. If we explain the word “expensive”… with every single shot of the rocket, they spend our annually salaries 😄

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In search of the US president, Washington

We cannot really get past the capital cities on our travels, so we also succumbed to tradition in United States. We went to Washington, and of course took the opportunity to knock on front doors of the White House to greet president and the first lady. We probably do not need to emphasise that she is a Slovenian 😁

Washington is located about four hours by bus from New York. The return ticket, for which we subtracted $ 40 per person, we booked at company called Megabus. The carrier surprised us with comfortable two-story vehicle, which even has WC and Wi-Fi.

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Havana, from revolution to salsa, mojito and chocolate!

What is the best thing to do after a 12 hours of sitting on a plane? Take a hot shower.. well, even the cold would be great, but we didn’t get any of this in Matanzas. Such a bad luck for us.. just when we arrived, they had a problems with ruined pipe. Anyway, we came to this place because of the relative closeness to the airport (approx. 20 km), significantly cheaper accommodations – as the same remote, but more touristic Varadero – and a good bus connection to the Havana, which was our first real stop on Cuba.

Speaking of bus transport.. there are vehicles owned by company Viazul, which are intended solely for tourists and they drive to all major tourist areas on the island, and so goes for prices, which are not that cheap. One more thing.. book your transport at home, because it might happened that your bus will be completely full on the day you will want to go somewhere. Btw, we got the last two seats from Matanzas to Havana.

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