In fight with the windmills

This time, we are heading to the country, that is famous for tulips, windmills, cheeses and the capital city in which smoking of cannabis is quite ordinary; workers who are »employed« in the oldest craft (probably everyone knows what we are talking about) even have their own union 😁

If you still don’t know where we are heading from the above-mentioned facts, then let us make things a bit easier and reveal that we are going to Amsterdam and the Netherlands. The way to this place is simple since the low-cost airline Transavia started to fly from Ljubljana airport directly to the Dutch capital.

The journey to Amsterdam may not really be the cheapest idea, especially in terms of overnight stays. If you want your own room with your own bathroom, the price of those abruptly jumps up to the sky (also more than € 150 per day for 2 people). Because of this, it is better to book the hotel a bit on the outskirts and use public transport to get to the city center.

As a matter of fact, we made a plan, where we will spend three days wandering around the city and probably complete our journey with a one-day mini roundtrip to the surrounding towns and villages.

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