Amsterdam, more than just a normal European city

Maybe we went to Amsterdam with a little misconception – that this is yet another of many European cities, that the way of life is just the same as we are used to it from home and that we practically will not see something particularly impressive or new. But it wasn’t like that. We were surprised about Dutch capital. Positively!

It is a place intertwined with canals that are crossed with many bridges. Thousands of bicycles and houses, built in a typical architectural style, are connected to endless chains. The local people, together with tourists in sunny weather, sit in bars, drink beer, smoke some green substances and simply enjoy. We are really glad that Amsterdam is far from being described as a typical European capital.

Of course, the city vibes are not the only reason why Amsterdam is certainly worth a visit. City’s rich history started in the beginning of the 12th century, when only a small fishing village stood here, which, due to diamond trading, experienced its prosperity a few centuries later. When a number of local artists are added to the mentioned history, such as Van Gogh, then Amsterdam can be presented as a great package in which is something for everyone.

Are you among those who wants to spend a few days of vacation, to visit couple of museums? Then Amsterdam is definitely the perfect choice for you. Rijks, Van Gogh, Stedeljik and Rembrandt museum are just the best known, and then there are many smaller museums and private galleries that you can find practically around every corner. Well, let’s not forget the museum of cheese, tulips, sex, prostitution… Well, this is also the art 🙂

Perhaps among the top museums we could also add the house of Anne Frank, a teenager who, during the Second World War carefully recorded all possible events in her surroundings. Her diary has now been translated into 55 languages and has become a worldwide hit. Queues for entrance to the house are enormous, the tickets cost 10,50 € – we recommend to purchase them in advance, since most of the dates are sold out for a few days in advance.

The Netherlands is known as the country of tulips… and it is very possible that the tulips that are happily soaking in your vase, came from this country. Local farmers have fields full of those and you can see them just few kilometers outside the city. If you are tempted to plant some at your garden, balcony or window shelf, then you must visit the Bloemenmarkt, the flower market, where they sell everything from bulbs, flowers, to artificial tulips made from plastic or wood.

Amsterdam is best to discover on foot, the distances between main attractions are short and you can easily get from one to another. In addition to walking, all locals mainly using bicycles. There are cycling routes throughout the city, and we have to say that we never saw that many cyclists anywhere else. It was like watching Tour de France 😃… yes, now we definitely know, why Amsterdam is also called city of bicycles.

There is also something for all you culinary enthusiasts. We talk about sweet deserts, but be prepare to wait in long lines. We tried the best pie in the world! In the Winkel 43, small cafe, they are selling authentic, huge and beautiful apple pies!

Amsterdam is also known for thin, really thin waffles. The tastiest ones are, of course, sold in Van Wonderen Stroopwafels – the queue was too long, so we didn’t get a chance to try them.

So… if we summarize everything together. Walking along the canals of Amsterdam is really special. All this colorfulness, relaxed people and a whole lot of sights adds a special charm. The Dutch capital is indeed one of those destinations that you simply have to visit in your life.

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