Canary Islands – Gran Canaria

We have always been fans of summer temperatures and the scorching sun, which is why we almost every winter, or this year more likely autumn, escape to a warm place… sometimes far away, but this time a little bit closer. We’re still in Europe, but by looking at the map, it’s hard to believe that this place is still part of the old continent. So, where did we look for warm weather and sunshine in the midst of our “almost” winter? In the Canary Islands – specifically on Gran Canaria, the main of the seven islands that make up the Spanish archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean along the southern coast of Morocco.

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Rhodes, the island of sunshine

Rhodes is one of the most visited and the fourth largest Greek island, offering visitors quite a few beautiful beaches, hidden coves, and some cultural and architectural landmarks from recent as well as slightly more distant history. It is definitely a destination where you can see all the main attractions, due to the relatively short distances in just couple of days and at the same you will still have some time to enjoy sunny weather and lounging on the beach.

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Canary Islands – Tenerife

Traveling during an »epidemic« is like a bag of surprise, you never know what awaits you. Will the borders be open, what documents will you need to get on board of the plane… and we could list a couple more things. Yes, no one imagined such times even in our wildest dreams. Among the destinations that may be »easier« to access, we chose Spain and their largest and at the same time the most populated island among Canary Islands, Tenerife. Due to all the uncertainties, we bought the plane tickets only 1 week before departure.

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Video: Holidays in Crete

Yeah .. we have a video too! And yes, as you can see from the title – it’s Greek, or. Cretan, to be more precise. This trip to Crete was really cool for us, so we need to show you a little more. Borut says that his favorite part is there when he jumps into the pool 😃 ..yes, now we all know that he’s the master of the elegant jump 😃 What do you think?

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The largest Greek island, Crete

Despite the fact that the corona virus has already ruined many of our travel plans this year, we still remained optimistic and it was totally worth it! At the last minute we bought a plane tickets and flew to a country we have not been before ☺️ Greece or, to be more precise, to the largest Greek island → Crete.

Due to the uncertain situation, we decided to spend only a week on Crete, which is too little for many (maybe they are even right), but we still saw a lot, and we still had some time for a real summer vacation.

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How to organize your trip

Lately we get many questions about how do we organize our trip, where we reserve airplane tickets, transportation, where do we find accommodations and so on. For many, these things seem to be very complicated and time consuming, but they are all aware that they can save a pretty bunch of money if they do this on their own and do not go to a travel agency. Well, that is exactly why we decided to trust you how our organization looks like, whether we are going to the other end of the world or just a few miles away from home.

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Krka National Park or Krka Waterfalls

A day trip or just a diversification of a vacation on the Croatian coast? We chose the second option – in principle, a visit to the Krka waterfalls of the Krka National Park is a pretty cool idea in any case. The park is not well known as Plitvice Lakes, so there may also be a chance for less crowding and a much more relaxing and serene visit. But of course, the whole situation depends entirely on the day to day basis.

The entire area of the park covers more than 100 square kilometers, so we suggest that you plan your visit a little in advance and decide what you really want to visit. Would you admire the beautiful nature, especially the waterfalls? Would you rather visit fort and monastery? Would you walk on well-kept wooden paths or would you rather ride a bike or even a boat through the park? You have many options here.

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A short break in Biograd

Unfortunately, the corona situation turned our travel plans completely upside down. So, we found the alternative. Where did we go this time? Not too far. As you can already see from the title, we took a super short but well-deserved vacation – we chose the summer classic of most Slovenian families and went to Croatia, more precisely to Biograd na moru. Yes… instead of planned trip to Bali, we went to Biograd – pretty close, both of names starts with B 😃

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Video: Travel to Thailand

That’s it! This is our 17-day trip around Thailand in video format – the capital Bangkok, northern Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai, and the seaside Krabi, Phuket and Koh Samui …

So all above and even more in just 2 minutes and around 22 seconds 😃 Is it worth a look? Normally! Nothing to wait for, check it immediately, squeeze a like and tell all your neighbours about it… urgent!


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