How to organize your trip

Lately we get many questions about how do we organize our trip, where we reserve airplane tickets, transportation, where do we find accommodations and so on. For many, these things seem to be very complicated and time consuming, but they are all aware that they can save a pretty bunch of money if they do this on their own and do not go to a travel agency. Well, that is exactly why we decided to trust you how our organization looks like, whether we are going to the other end of the world or just a few miles away from home.

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Traveling? What do we get in return.

Did you ever travel on your own? Have you ever thought about what you get in return? Our fast »brain storming« brought us to some interesting facts…

1. Admiration of natural wonders

Beaches, mountains, caves, cliffs… the list of what our planet is hiding for us is never-ending. Just when you think you have seen everything, there is another surprise just around the corner waiting for you.

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Where to travel in December

The year is almost over, the last one standing is December – the month, most of us connect it with holidays, snow, family and Christmas fairs. Nevertheless, the last month of the year is not reserved only for mulled wine, gingerbread and other sweet stuff, but it is also excellent for longer vacations somewhere in a warmer part of the world.

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Where to travel in November

Winter is already knocking on doors, days are getting shorter and the temperatures are lower each day. Do you even need an additional reason to escape this cold weather and go on hot vacation? Again, we are delivering you a great package of various destinations, where you can hunt the November sun.

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Where to travel in October

Who would have thought we are already in October and mid-autumn? Time is passing by like crazy! Summer is over; the first parental meetings are behind, students we know how busy the first week on a college is 😃… so now it is high time for the last summer-like holiday before the winter comes in.

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Travel itinerary: Unique Istanbul

Istanbul is a city that has a little more than others, with its unique vibe, it attracts many visitors every year who spend just couple of days in the city or even take a longer vacation. Bargaining on stalls, strolling between more or less well-known landmarks and enjoying delicious and especially affordable food – these are just a few reasons why Istanbul is definitely worth a visit.

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Where to travel in September

Do you have couple more vacation days left? Do you miss some sunbathing and swimming in the sea already? On the other hand, would you just like to charge batteries before the college start again? There are quite a few places, where you can catch early autumn, but still warm sun for beach lounging, exploring cities, sitting in bars and pampering yourself with culinary specialties. After the summer season, the prices of accommodation are significantly lower and there are fewer tourists, so you will definitely find a place for your towel on the wonderful beach. Those are just couple of reasons, why traveling in September is always a good idea… What do famous travel websites recommend for this month?

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Where to go in August

Almost with certainty, we can say that August is at least for Europeans the main holiday month, therefore we anticipate that you are reading this article on your smart devices while enjoying the sun on the beach. Are we mistaken? Millions of people are moving to the shores of nearby and also far more distant seas and oceans, for at least some weeks in this month. For all of you who are still looking for last minute deals, we offer you a bunch of ideas below – where to go on your hard-earned vacation.

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Do you have travel insurance?

When we planning a trip we always take care of comfortable accommodation, do a research how we will get from point A to point B, sometimes we even select where we will eat… Everything with a reason that we will enjoy our vacations without any worries. However, we forget the most essential – our health and our finances, if something goes wrong. When we travel, we are usually braver, we do different and often more adrenaline stuff, eating food we would never have tasted back home, we walk through unknown paths and we mostly do not realize that there could be anything but a pleasant surprise right around the corner… and here travel insurance comes in.

We can choose among many providers, so it is always difficult to pick the right one. Maybe you can trust our judgment and choosing travel insurance with CORIS. Why? Because they are specialized for foreign countries, have range of all kinds of offers and an additional plus – they are available 24/7. Unfortunately, we all know this words – disaster never rests.

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