Where to travel in October

Who would have thought we are already in October and mid-autumn? Time is passing by like crazy! Summer is over; the first parental meetings are behind, students we know how busy the first week on a college is 😃… so now it is high time for the last summer-like holiday before the winter comes in.

Take a vacation on European islands

After the summer in gone, the resorts and beaches are less crowded, prices of hotels and in restaurants are dropping, which is great for those who love quiet and cheap vacation.

So where? Greece, with its islands is the definitely a sure-thing idea! The most interesting are Rhodes, Santorini and Milos, on the latter there are the most beautiful beaches in the country. If you like to go a bit more south, then you can go to Turkey, where quiet beaches and pleasant hotels are waiting for you (remember that most hotels have an extra all-inclusive offers). It will also be less crowded in Istanbul, where you will be able to test your bargaining skills at local bazaar. Between those two countries is another wonderful island → Cyprus.

Of course, we must not to forget the Spanish coast and Costa Brava, as well as the Canary Islands. In addition to Istanbul, you can also go on a short city-break to Seville or Rome. The choices are endless, so it’s up to you to buy an airplane ticket and fly to where you have never been before.

More and more dry and warmer weather in Asia

After the summer and Monsoon period are gone, Asia finally wakes up in a drier and warmer weather, with which the first tourist begin to appear on the continent.

From which destinations can you choose? If you want to walk among rice fields then go to Bali, if you are historical enthusiast then you should not miss the opportunity to see one of the new Seven Wonders of the World, Petra → an archaeological site carved into a rock in the middle of Jordan. Of course, there is always good time for shopping in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

Soaking in the warm Mediterranean Sea in Northern Africa

With autumn, more tolerable temperatures arrive at the north coast of Africa, but they are still high enough to stroll on the beach and soak in the warm Mediterranean Sea. Therefore, Tunisia and Egypt are great destinations for autumn vacation. For relatively little money, you can stay in beautiful hotels, which offering you a variety of excursions to world famous sighs. Pyramids in Giza are really worth seeing!

If you have already been in the above-mentioned countries and would you like to see something else, perhaps taste if the sea in the far south of the continent is more salty than in the north, then we can recommend Mauritius and Madagascar.


Entertainment and gambling… you can experience all of that in the largest city in state of Nevada, Las Vegas → what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas 😋 North America offers much more in this time of year, you can go in California, more precisely in Napa Valley, an area of many vineyards and wine cellars. For all fans of country music, there is Nashville, where you will be able to bow to the starts of Country music in Country Hall of Fame, or get loose in one of many music festivals.

In this autumn month, you can also visit Hawaii or the Galapagos Islands, where you have the opportunity to dive and admire nature and numerous animals, even the half tone turtles.

Walking on the beaches or exploring the coral reef in Australia

The country down under is slowly awakening and October is a great time for chilling on Queensland beaches, exploring the Daintree rainforest and admiring the Great Coral Reef.

Have you visited any of the listed countries, cities? Would you like to add something to our list? Leave us a comment on our website of find us on Facebook.

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