Over the Atlantic Ocean: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

Itinerary: US West Coast
The United States are not just megalomaniac cities and concrete jungles, which we know from various films… There are also many beautiful national parks, deserts, small cozy villages and much more. It may seem that America has become our place to be – in two years; we visited it for
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From the nature to the city of celebrities, Los Angeles
From national parks and beautiful nature back to »civilization«, into the vast cities of the West. First things first, after the Grand Canyon tour, we drove to Williams, a small town known for the legendary Route 66 – a road that connects the whole America, from Chicago to Los Angeles,
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Stone wonders of the Wild West
After we spent two nights in Las Vegas, we continued our roadtrip across the United States. First we made, one quick turn. We drove to Hoover Dam, a 200-meter high dam that stands on the border between the two states, Nevada and Arizona. For over 100 years, this huge technological
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Across Death Valley to the city of sins, Las Vegas
We rented a car for the first time in our travel career. We booked it in advance through the website billiger-mietwagen.de. Special thanks goes to Google translate for the translation from German language, because in other word we very likely would not have a clue what kind of car would
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Prison, Chinese people, sea lions, bridge… San Francisco
It is better to sit 15 hours on a plane than 8 hours at work, behind your worktable… do you agree? Well, let us first provide you one quick and useful information for everyone who will soon be heading to the city of North California. From airport in San Francisco,
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Roadtrip across the US West Coast
What do you get if you mix holiday, transatlantic flight, national parks, apple pie, fast food and rent-a-car? Roadtrip along the west coast of the US! Yeah, we are going back to America again 🙂
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NBA game or when child’s dreams come true
Every kid who enjoys playing basketball, dreams of becoming one of the greatest players of all time. Everyone wants to be like Jordan, Bryant or LeBron, but only a handful succeeded in stepping on the court of the famous halls and playing in the elite NBA league with the greatest
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In search of the US president, Washington
We cannot really get past the capital cities on our travels, so we also succumbed to tradition in United States. We went to Washington, and of course took the opportunity to knock on front doors of the White House to greet president and the first lady. We probably do not
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Concrete jungle beyond the Atlantic, New York
City of all cities, New York! We finally visited gigantic metropolis on the east coast of the United States… We landed at Newark Airport, in neighboring New Jersey. If you are skilled in the use of public transport, you need to take AirTrain to the Manhattan, which leads straight to
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New York, New York!
To America, second time this year? Why not! At the beginning of the year, we were on divine Cuba, but this time we are returning across the Atlantic slightly more north, to the United States, to a city that never sleeps. Town’s skyscrapers are a perfect scene for thousands of
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