The rhythm of salsa: CUBA

Cuban Cuisine
Although Cuba in not exactly the destination for gourmet enthusiasts, who are impressed by the exceptionally high class culinary and Michelin stars. However, chefs on Cuba, despite the country’s closure, provide the most interesting dishes from the accessible ingredients and with a touch of innovation. Combinations of foods may not
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Canceled flight, extended vacation and gorgeous resort in Varadero
We saved best for last, it was so good, that we stayed two extra days, but about this later 🙂 22 kilometers of beautiful sandy beach, which stretches across the entire length of the peninsula on the north side of the county, is the main reason for visiting Varadero or
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Santa Clara – Hasta la Victoria Siempre
Well, here it is, our beloved and faithful companion, rain. With each passing mile from Trinidad to Santa Clara was getting more darker and in the end the rain finally caught us when we were walking to our casa. And no, it wasn’t just a quick shower, but it rained
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The national sport in Trinidad
From the coastal Cienfuegos, we again took a taxi and went to the most eastern point of our journey through Cuba, Trinidad. Oh, no worries, this time the drive was far more humane than the last one 🙂 A small town founded in the mid-19th century on the riches, brought
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700 km with 60 years old car to Cienfuegos
After several attempts to book a bus from Vinales to Cienfuegos, we give up and choose a taxi. We were so surprised by a price that we did not even negotiate at all (32 CUC per person, which is 2 CUC less than a bus). We should hit the road
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Drink coffee, light a cigar and wash all down with a rum, Viñales
After three days in Havana, we went to the countryside, away from the city bustle. More specifically in a small town or rather the greater village called Viñales, which is just around 200 km or 4 hours drive from Havana. When you will see two rocking chairs in front of
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Havana, from revolution to salsa, mojito and chocolate!
What is the best thing to do after a 12 hours of sitting on a plane? Take a hot shower.. well, even the cold would be great, but we didn’t get any of this in Matanzas. Such a bad luck for us.. just when we arrived, they had a problems
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Hey, we are going to Cuba
New year, new journey, a new continent and a new country! This time we will use our time machine and travel back for a several decades. We’re going to the largest island in the Caribbean, where you take a ride with »carriage« instead of a taxi, rather than staying in
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