Hey, we are going to Cuba

New year, new journey, a new continent and a new country! This time we will use our time machine and travel back for a several decades. We’re going to the largest island in the Caribbean, where you take a ride with »carriage« instead of a taxi, rather than staying in hotels, you sleep in local’s houses and instead of free Wi-Fi connection you use the internet which emits very strange noises (if, of course, you are lucky enough to find it). The communist country, which lost its great leader in 2016, is primarily known for the revolution and the man whose portrait is being printed on T-shirts worldwide. Of course, we are talking about Cuba, Fidel Castro and Che Guevara!

In the coming years, the Cubans promise better times, US has lifted the embargo, number of tourist is growing up and with this, island is slowly losing its charm and beauty, so now should be the last moments to experience the country in its true light. And this is the best time to salsa with locals, listening to authentic Cuban music.

We will fly to Varadero from Venice via Munich. We plan to visit mainly western and central part of the island, while the eastern will have to wait for another time. Unfortunately, we are a bit limited with our vacation days. We will returning home by direct flight to Vienna.

One more thing, our posts will not be up to date as usual, because as we have already mentioned, connections are not that fast. However, no worries, we are alright, probably smoking a cigar, drinking mojito and soaking feet in the warm sea on the middle of endless sandy beach.
Yeah we will definitely closed the winter in style 😛

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