Country with temperament: SPAIN

We have always been fans of summer temperatures and the scorching sun, which is why we almost every winter, or this year more likely autumn, escape to a warm place... sometimes far away, but this time a little bit closer. We're still in Europe, but by looking at the map,
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Traveling during an »epidemic« is like a bag of surprise, you never know what awaits you. Will the borders be open, what documents will you need to get on board of the plane... and we could list a couple more things. Yes, no one imagined such times even in our
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Barcelona here we are… we flew for the first time with less well-known Spanish low-cost carrier Vueling. Small, half-empty aircraft, a lot of comfort and a 15-minute short flight than planned. This was followed by – in comparison with other countries – very well organized transfer to the city centre.
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Our Lonely Planet is ready to go… in search of sunshine and early summer temperatures, this time at the end of the March we are going on a short vacation in Spain, specifically in Barcelona. The capital city of Catalonia is certainly the most recognizable because of the football club
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