Video: Travel to Thailand

That’s it! This is our 17-day trip around Thailand in video format – the capital Bangkok, northern Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai, and the seaside Krabi, Phuket and Koh Samui …

So all above and even more in just 2 minutes and around 22 seconds 😃 Is it worth a look? Normally! Nothing to wait for, check it immediately, squeeze a like and tell all your neighbours about it… urgent!


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To Koh Samui, Island in the Gulf of Thailand

Are you making your own Thai travel plan? 😉 The vast majority will definitely include at least one island in the Gulf of Thailand – be it Koh Tao, Ko Pha Ngan or Koh Samui. We decided for the latter, as it offers both, relaxed beachside life, numerous »attractions« (if you could call it that) and a fairly wide selection of hotels.

You might not think so, but public transport in Thailand is well arranged and maintained. You can choose from a variety of transportation options – from aircraft, boats, buses to tuk-tuk, and most tickets can be booked online in advance. We first went from Krabi to Koh Samui by van and bus, then by ferry and we were again taken by van to the hotel’s door. All it took was just one reservation, everything went smoothly and despite the 6 hours of driving, the price itself was relatively good – approx. € 25 per person.

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The resort town Ao Nang in Krabi

We continued our journey through southern Thailand to Krabi, a province located, according to Phuket, on the opposite side of the Andaman Sea. Ao Nang town and beach is one of the most popular among the tourist and can be reached by a ferry from Phuket. We spent a little more than 3 hours for the whole trip. We booked tickets online (including transportation to and from the hotel) for € 27 per person from agency.

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Heading down south… to Phuket

From the more subdued north, we continued our journey south → to Phuket, which is quite the opposite of what we have seen or experienced so far. The sea, beaches, nightlife and crowds of tourists, and of course, slightly (much) higher prices of food and accommodation.

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Weekend in Chiang Mai

When we talk about the northern part of Thailand, we can’t definitely go past the Chiang Mai. Many believe that cities in the northern Thailand are still the right ones, authentic and compared to the one in the south, much less flooded with tourists. You can’t get away from the crowds so easily in the Thailand, and no worries, you will certainly not stroll the streets on your own 😀 quite the opposite.

We travelled to Chiang Mai by bus from “neighbouring” Chiang Rai. The ride takes about three hours, for which we were charged 180 THB (approx. € 5,50) per person. Given that the last bus stop is a bit far from the city centre, it is necessary to take another local bus or taxi to get to your hotel.

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To the north, to Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai lies in the far north of the Thailand and is only 55 kilometers away from the state border with Laos and Myanmar. The city itself may be (too) forgotten many times, since many people focus on planning to visit just the surrounding sight, which are mostly visited during day trips from nearby Chiang Mai.

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Off we go… to Thailand

So… Thailand finally ended up on our travel list. A country where the journey of many world travellers began and it was the reason for emergence of numerous travel blogs.

Many people think that Thailand is no longer what it used to be, but – other countries are changing and developing too and some of them becoming even more interesting and attractive than they used to be in the past. We will see if we will be surprised or not, however, we believe that as always, we will come home from this journey excited and full of new stories, which we will, of course, be happy to share with you.

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