Off we go… to Thailand

So… Thailand finally ended up on our travel list. A country where the journey of many world travellers began and it was the reason for emergence of numerous travel blogs.

Many people think that Thailand is no longer what it used to be, but – other countries are changing and developing too and some of them becoming even more interesting and attractive than they used to be in the past. We will see if we will be surprised or not, however, we believe that as always, we will come home from this journey excited and full of new stories, which we will, of course, be happy to share with you.

Hmm… and why is this country so popular among tourists anyway? Accessibility and reasonably priced airplane tickets, regional diversity, nightlife, cheap and tasty food (well, excluding grasshoppers, cockroaches and similar insects that find their way into frying pans), numerous temples and other cultural and natural attractions. Oh, and they also have some beautiful sandy beaches 😎

In Thailand, we will spend almost entire, well half of the festive December. We are heading there via Zagreb and Doha with Qatar Airways. We hope that the we will conjure some summer vibes into those cold winter days with our posts. You can follow us on our website and Facebook page, maybe we will serve you some additional inspiration and new ideas, in case you are heading to this Southeast Asian country in the future.

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