The resort town Ao Nang in Krabi

We continued our journey through southern Thailand to Krabi, a province located, according to Phuket, on the opposite side of the Andaman Sea. Ao Nang town and beach is one of the most popular among the tourist and can be reached by a ferry from Phuket. We spent a little more than 3 hours for the whole trip. We booked tickets online (including transportation to and from the hotel) for € 27 per person from agency.

Why visit Krabi after all? Certainly, the beaches are the ones that attract most tourists to these parts. Yes… surely everyone dreams of lying under a palm tree, on the beautiful white sand right by the sea. Most find their peace on the beach on the Railay peninsula, which is only accessible by the boat – there are no roads and consequently no traffic. This is really a place for everyone who needs a total break from everything. It is easily reachable from Ao Nang beach, which is one of most crowded in Krabi. In addition, the coastal town with the same name offers many hotels, restaurants, shops and also a night market, which is of course typical for every Thai town or city. We also chose Ao Nang and we explored the surrounding area with a rented scooter.

The coolest thing was definitely the trip to the quaint Tiger Cave Temple near Krabi Town. Why the unusual? It is not the temple that is special, but the path to it → temple stands on a mighty rock and to reach the top, you must overcome an incredible 1,237 steps (or maybe even more)! To make a climb even more interesting, steps come in various shapes and sizes, some are even more than half a meter tall. Recreation and consequently, muscle aches are definitely guaranteed. But it pays off, on the top stands or rather sits the great golden Buddha, and from there is a magnificent view.

If you are limited with time during your visit to Thailand, Krabi or Ao Nang is definitely not the destination we would suggest. Maybe we are doing it injustice, but we were not convinced by the place. Are we petty or what? 😃 Well, that’s just our opinion. There is definitely many of you, who would find your untouched piece of nature and spend your dream vacation right here in Ao Nang.

From the mainland, we are heading again to the island, this time to the Gulf of Thailand, to Koh Samui.

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