Mdina and Rabat

Mdina and Rabat were sometimes a unitary city, and then were separate by Arabs, which raised walls around Mdina. Mdina is the former capital city of Malta and is located in the centre of the island. It is also known as the “silent city” with narrow streets, which with great architecture takes you a few centuries back. The main attractions are Palazzo Falzon, where the royal family lived, the Mdina cathedral on the main square which was many years ago destroyed in a severe earthquake and the Cathedral Museum, where should be located Mdina treasuries. Admission for the museum is € 5 per person, but we are not really museum lovers, so we admired the building only from the outside.

To the neighbour Rabat we need a whole 5 minutes walk 🙂 compared with Mdina, is this a little bit more “modern” city. Here lived the apostle Paul (supposedly a cool guy) who had a miraculous power… because of this actually the whole area is devoted to him. After him are designated several streets, churches, markets, catacombs…

We were a little disappointed above the seen. There is practically none good landmarks such as they described. You can only see all kind of churches. We completed our tour in just two hours. The only really good thing was the bakery visit, where we of course afford already mentioned specialty Pastizzi with ricotta. We also couldn’t resist a shopping in patisserie Parruccan Confectionery, which is in Lonely Planet mentioned as one of the best. We tried the traditional fried Maltese Kannoli filed with white chocolate. The dough is not exactly brilliant, but the great taste of chocolate solves everything. Depending on its size, in our opinion is the price € 2 a little exaggerated.

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