Comino and Gozo

Since we already received countless offers for boat ride to the islands of Comino and Gozo from various tourist companies, today we finally choose the best one. We have paid € 20 per person, that’s € 5 more, we would spend, if took a local bus to port of Cirkewwa, then a ferry to Comino and another ferry to Gozo. Therefore, we rather choose the first variant, which to us seemed a lot more interesting. You see everything, which itself due to some hard to reach locations, we probably wouldn’t.

We boarded on a boat far away from our hotel in the city port. The first destination with some intermediate tours of some caves – Smugglers Cave, Coral Cave – was island of Comino, which has only four or five permanent residents. You need just a few hours to walk through whole island, and admire the mighty cliffs and rocky coves. The most famous natural landmark is »sparkly« Blue Lagoon. Beach should be one of the most beautiful, but in our eyes was very far from it. It is a small rocky beach with about a meter and a half (well, a bit more) of sandy cove. It’s very crowded and deckchairs are placed right next to each other. They earn a lot of money here, because if you want to go swimming, you need to put your belongings somewhere, in that case you must rent a chair and umbrella for € 15.

Gozo is much more interesting and also bigger than Comino. In it’s heart is Victoria, miniature capital city of a miniature island. We climbed to Citadel – Il Kastell. It is a fortress from the 15th century and it makes stretch beautiful views on all side of the island. At the base are located the Church of St. Ursula and St. James.

After that we also visited westernmost point of the wild coast of Gozo, Dwejra Bay. It’s pierced by the Azure window, which is a huge natural window, almost 100 meters high. Definitely this is the most spectacular and the most popular tourist natural attraction on the Maltese islands. Not far away you can see the Fungus Rock, it’s named after the rare parasitic plant, Maltese mushroom.

Experience Malta from another perspective, from the sea, was for use interesting experience that we would recommend to anyone who decide to visit this island country, despite the fact that we were on the way back thoroughly ransacked by the waves and blown by strong winds we were really satisfied with the day spent.

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