The national sport in Trinidad

From the coastal Cienfuegos, we again took a taxi and went to the most eastern point of our journey through Cuba, Trinidad. Oh, no worries, this time the drive was far more humane than the last one 😁

A small town founded in the mid-19th century on the riches, brought by the nearby sugar cane plantations, still retains its authenticity and it seems like, in spite of flood of tourist, time stopped here. Therefore, we were not surprised when we were woken up at four in the morning by the rooster, at five by cats who were looking for their partners and at six by hosts Chihuahua.

Trinidad lives from tourism, in the early morning hours the city is overwhelmed with American pensioners who arrive in town as part of their cruises. Larger and smaller groups then blindly follow their guides from sights to sights and attractions can sometimes be a bit crowded. However, the biggest crowds are in restaurants and bars at lunchtime, when happy hours deals become available. Cocktails instead of 4 CUC are only 1,25 CUC, at the lunch you get free drink and so on. An ideal opportunity to try every food and drink they have on menu. We fall in love with a pina colada here…

The strict city center is Plaza Mayor on which stands the church Iglesia Parroqui de la Santis Trinidad, flanked by the Casa de la Musica, where you can relax your ears and listen to the rhythms of salsa, enjoy some cocktails or take a dance lesson. From here, you will have noticed a tall tower, which is part of the city museum and allows you to view the city from above. Admission to the museum is 2 CUC, but there is also 5 CUC extra cost for the camera.

Trinidad is also a great starting point for a quick getaway to the coast. Only four kilometers from the town is a beach and a small fishing village of La Boca, which we did not have time to visit, but we went to a little more distant but much more known and as they say the most beautiful beach in the south of the island, beach Ancon. The easiest way to get there is by the taxi, for which you have to pay 2,5 CUC per person.

If you want to know which is the national sport in Cuba we cannot help you, because we do not have a clue. However, if playing of dominos was a sport than Cubans would kick ass at it. Locals toss and stack those cubes with such a passion and enthusiasm that you just wait when this homemade table will fall apart. Their rivalry pulls you in and you start to cheer like crazy for your favourite player.

Life in town takes place in first gear, but this is the main reason for maintaining its uniqueness. From Trinidad, we continue our journey to Santa Clara.

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