Where to go in August

Almost with certainty, we can say that August is at least for Europeans the main holiday month, therefore we anticipate that you are reading this article on your smart devices while enjoying the sun on the beach. Are we mistaken? Millions of people are moving to the shores of nearby and also far more distant seas and oceans, for at least some weeks in this month. For all of you who are still looking for last minute deals, we offer you a bunch of ideas below – where to go on your hard-earned vacation.

Europe, time for the sea or a visit to the northern capitals?

It is true that we promised you the beach and the sea above, but in August, you can visit many other countries, which are much friendlier for exploration in this month than in others. Where can we started? Maybe with a whole Great Britain? You can choose between Scotland, Ireland and Wales. A significantly warmer weather, variegated history and landscapes like on postcards – if we add to that a pint of famous Guinness beer or a shot of fine Scotch whiskey – then at this moment it is hard to find a more suitable destination. Do you agree? 😁

August is also a great time for visiting the northern capitals and countries like Denmark, Russia, Norway and Sweden, which we prefer to avoid in the winter months. Who would have enjoyed there at few dozen minus degrees? Well, if we did not exactly convince you with above suggestions, you can still take a more certain path and simply go to the sea. Perhaps on the coasts of Portugal, Greece or Italy. Of course, you can always jump to our neighbor, Croatia, for a quick weekend trip.

The monsoon season in Asia is still going on

The season of monsoons in Asian countries is still ongoing, so weather will not spare you in certain places. The visit is more advisable to those who love fresh, rainy mornings and are not disturbed with a few centimeters of water in your shoes. However, if you are still firmly resolved to visit the Asian countries, the best idea are some of the regions of India or Bali – which of course is not that bad either, isn’t it?


You can also pick between some interesting destinations in Africa. Our favorite is definitely “evergreen” Morocco! You can visit this country any month of the year and you will always find something to do. For nature lovers, Tanzania and Kenya are still very interesting where you can go to many national parks in this summer month and enjoy a variety of safaris with the admiration of many small and huge animals.

Hot as hell in some cities of America

In spite of fact that temperatures in the US metropolises sometimes rise to the sky, well-known travel journals nevertheless recommend visiting New York, microbreweries in Portland or exploring Seattle, the “birthplace” of the world-famous Starbucks.

So, where should we go?

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