West kingdom: MOROCCO

Cascades d’Ouzoud
After 8 hours train ride, in late afternoon we finally come back to Marrakech, where we had spent the first two days of traveling through Morocco. As we mentioned in an earlier post, for a trip across the desert we would not have enough time, because on 7th May early
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Labyrinth in Fes
As we are used to in Morocco, we again travel by train. ONCF has very good connections between certain major cities (even smaller), but if you are one of the road transport supporters, you may take a ride also with one of the private bus companies, Supratours. They offer better
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Rabat like modern capital city
Railway station in Casablanca (Casa Port), which is reminiscent of some of our smaller stations in Slovenia, we had close to the hotel… so, we get there without any problems. We wasn’t in a hurry, because trains in Rabat drives every half hour and ticket to get there, for both
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Casablanca and wonderful Hassan II. mosque
In Marrakech, we stopped a taxi near our riad, which took us to the train station for 20 Moroccan Dirhams. There we bought a train tickets to Casablanca (2nd class cost us 180 MAD for both, 1st class tickets were 50 MAD more expensive per person). The train was crowded
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Welcome to Marrakech
With the landing on the Marrakech airport, our story officially began. Without any specific problems, we found a bus that runs directly to the city centre, on the main square Djemaa el-Fna. Our first task was to find our “hostel” Riad el Az, which we had pre-booked via Booking.com (on
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First time on our own, Morocco
After four years of trips and excursions in the more or less distant places, which we visited with many of Slovenian agencies, this year we decided to take things in our hands. The path will today led us in the northwest African country Morocco, which we will visit in the
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