Top 5 in Morocco

#1 – Djemma el Fna

The biggest Djemma el Fna square in Marrakech during the day literally turns into a veritable theatre. Street artists who deals with dance, improvisation, music… every day attract thousands of curious tourists. Even different animals such as monkeys, snakes, turtles are the real attraction. While the dusk comes out, the market shines in a different light. Each minute, new stall appear, where locals at an affordable price offering the traditional food and drink (seafood, chicken in a hundred and one way, obligatory mint tea and fresh orange juice). Djemma el Fna is for us without competition ranked in the top 1 attraction in Morocco.

#2 – Medina in Fes

Narrow, interesting streets, crowded with a variety of stalls, over which you can successfully get through only with the help of friendly locals. Medina in Fes is a labyrinth of labyrinths, at the beginning you get the feeling that even the highest quality GPS would not help you… but at the end, you soon get rid of that feeling and start to enjoy researching. The main charm of the medina in Fes is exactly this that you never know what’s waiting for you around the corner.

#3 – Cascades d’Ouzoud

Beautiful view, which actually stun you for a moment. That kind of experience you can feel in Ouzoud and the same named waterfalls. Water drop in is 110 meters depth, which ranks them as second highest waterfalls in Africa. In our opinion, the view over the entire valley, certainly none of the visitors don’t leave indifferent.

#4 – Hassan II. Mosque

Casablanca is known as the most economic city of the country, but for most tourists, remain in the memory unique Hassan II. Mosque. In the construction participated 12.000 workers. Part of the mosque stands on the seas and has a removable roof… the building is modernized to perfection.

#5 – Chaouwara tannery

Where is the unbearable stench and the catastrophic working conditions, there you can find one of the most recognizable landmarks in the city of Fes, Chaouwara tannery. Leather is considered as one of the best in the world. Colourful small pools full of chemicals look very attractive for tourists, but when you realize with what workers are facing, you can be grateful that you follow everything only from afar. With this tannery, we completed our top five in Morocco.

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