The land of pasta, tomatoes and basil: ITALY

No pigeon, no Venice
Why should we spent a free sunny day at home, when we can go on a short trip across the border. This time we return to the place where we realized that the travels will definitely be a part of our lives. At our first trip we went to Venice,
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Go to Florence and try the best toast
We saved the best for last. The most famous and most visited place in Tuscany – Florence. Full of museums, top restaurants, pastry shops and teeming masses of tourist who overwhelm the streets and many bridges over the Arno river. From the town of Montecatini Terme to the suburb (Scandici)
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Panoramic drive to San Gimignano and Siena
Priority of road trip? You have opportunity to visit places that are practically inaccessible with public transport. This time we use this and embarked on a panoramic journey, road winds between Tuscan hills overgrown with vines and huge plantations of yellow sunflowers.
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From iconic tower in Pisa to secret town of Lucca
Not this exit, but the next one! No next one, the last was the right one! Have you found out, what was that talk about? Of course, this was not our argument, but Borut just wanted to figure it out, where the hell this GPS device is trying to draw
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Weekend road trip
What do we need: –   Four unexpected days off –   Great weather forecast –   Sunglasses –   Passport Yeah.. that’s all we need for our first road trip for the weekend. It was just about time, to test our black lightning bolt (car) and do much more
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Rome and Vatican City
Summary. We visited all the major attractions, as a total atheists heard the Italian mass in the middle of Vatican square (we didn’t understand a word, of course), weaved to Pope (from distance he looks like an awesome guy)… used a bus without buying a ticket, our mornings started with
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All the roads lead to…
Our European tour continues – slowly but steadily. After last year’s visit to London, Paris and Barcelona, this time, we choose the Eternal City, the capital of Italy – Rome. They say that this is a city and a museum in one… if this is true, we will definitely tell
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