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Our European tour continues – slowly but steadily. After last year’s visit to London, Paris and Barcelona, this time, we choose the Eternal City, the capital of Italy – Rome. They say that this is a city and a museum in one… if this is true, we will definitely tell you. We are already looking forward to seeing all architectural and other magnificent achievements.

That would be the capital of Italy even more special, makes the Roman Catholic Church. Amazed? In the heart of Rome is located the smallest independent state in the world, Vatican City respectively for some – Holy See. For good recognisability thereof, from year to year more and more concern Pope Francis, who is at his tender age of 80, completely modernised. He started using social networks such as Instagram and he regularly care for his Twitter profile 😁 Could someone tell us, who at this age may be even more cool than he? He has his own country and the multitude of fans.

We start our journey by car, because we have our flight from the airport in Trieste, which is only about 180 kilometres apart – from there, we have one-hour flight with Alitalia airline. To stay up to date with our cruising through the streets of Italy, you can follow our Facebook page. Oh, now we also have Instagram, take a look, it’s worth it!

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