Where to travel in September

Do you have couple more vacation days left? Do you miss some sunbathing and swimming in the sea already? On the other hand, would you just like to charge batteries before the college start again? There are quite a few places, where you can catch early autumn, but still warm sun for beach lounging, exploring cities, sitting in bars and pampering yourself with culinary specialties. After the summer season, the prices of accommodation are significantly lower and there are fewer tourists, so you will definitely find a place for your towel on the wonderful beach. Those are just couple of reasons, why traveling in September is always a good idea… What do famous travel websites recommend for this month?

European city break or beach lounging

Take a city break in Rome, Budapest, Paris, Lisbon or Milan. Many European metropolises are more than a great choice for discovering their history, shopping, sitting in number of bars and for tasting delicacies at street food markets.

Perhaps walking along city streets sound fun, but it does not overtake strolling on Mediterranean beaches, where relatively high temperatures still remaining and you will be surprised by the warm sea and the low prices of accommodations. Take advantage of the closing parties and have fun on the Ibiza Island, fill your Instagram profile with photos of the white blue city on Santorini, or attend a real picnic with freshly baked lamb, cheap beer and fresh fruit in Albania. The choice is yours!

Taste the Big Apple in America

There is probably no season that would not be suitable for visiting the world’s most famous city, a great New York City. All these skyscrapers and the places you have seen thousands of times in many movies and series will definitely not leave you indifferent. Of course, this is not the only place worth visiting in September – there is also San Francisco with Golden Gate Bridge, which is almost never wrapped up in the fog this month.

In any case, we ca not pass temperamental South America. Beautiful beaches, resorts and diverse history in Mexico, famous steaks in Argentina and Peru – paradise for all trekking and hiking lovers.

Favorable or slightly less favorable holiday in Asia

September may not yet be the best time to visit Asia, but you can afford an unforgettable, enjoyable holiday in small cottages over the turquoise blue sea on the islands of Bora Bora in French Polynesia. Dreamy, but expensive as hell 😁

For the rest, who are more likely to lose in the crowds of millions in metropolises – we recommend you to visit Japan’s cities or Hong Kong, where you can indulge a variety of tasty and cheap culinary delights and walk through many parks.

Africa and evergreen Morocco

If you do not know where to go on vacation, then choose Morocco. The evergreen destination has something for everyone and is worth a visit at any time of the year. In September, you will still enjoy superb temperatures for strolling on the beaches and jumping into the sea.

For all animals and nature lovers, well-known travelers recommend hiring huts in one of many national parks in Zimbabwe, where you will be able to take a safari and admire the flocks of elephants and other animals at pleasant and warm temperatures.

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