Our southern neighbor: CROATIA

Many years in a row… The island of Krk
Are you among those who still do not know where to spend the holidays and looking for ultra last minute opportunities? Have you thought about southern neighbor of Slovenia? No doubt. We think that 80 % Slovenians at the thought of holidays and the sea, still have in mind the
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Advent in Zagreb in one day
Looking for the meaning of Christmas? Holiday spirit? Or you just want to taste the festive goodies, which includes mulled wine and freshly baked sausages? All of this can be found on the officially most beautiful Advent fair in Europe this year and also last year. No, this is not
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A true holiday
It is true that several times a year we afford some a bit shorter and one longer trip, but nevertheless on our calendar every year appears the best 10 days in the end of July, which could be call a real vocation. Holiday, which don’t need further planning – we
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