Many years in a row… The island of Krk

Are you among those who still do not know where to spend the holidays and looking for ultra last minute opportunities?

Have you thought about southern neighbor of Slovenia? No doubt. We think that 80 % Slovenians at the thought of holidays and the sea, still have in mind the country, which can boasts with fabulous 5.835 kilometers of coastlines and 67 inhabited islands. Mainly elderly population do not easily change their holiday destinations – aircrafts for some still represent a problem and sound of Balkan languages will always make them feel like home.

So.. more than 20 in a row! Yeah, not a typographical error. The same city, same house, same beach, only different man who sell donuts at the beach 😄 .. Have you ever visited the island of Krk?

It is situated in the Kvarner gulf and is the second largest in the country. For the route from Ljubljana through Postojna, Rijeka and Krk bridge, you will spend a good two hours drive for 320 km in either direction and burn for approximately € 20 of petrol, pay 18 kuna for tolls and 39 kuna for crossing the bridge – the house (apartment) you get from € 70 to € 100 per day for example. For tourists are most interesting Punat, Njivice, Malinska, Baška and of course the capital city of Krk. The last is the one that occurs every summer on our calendar.

On the map, you will find it on the southwest coast of the island, in the bay, which is famous for its extremely clean water and beautiful beaches, which are awarded with blue flags. Never heard of them? It is a recognition for beaches that meet high quality criteria of the water, orderliness of the beach, gastronomic offer and accessibility for the disabled. City of Krk has 6 of them. Yeah, it is hard to decide where to relax, catching sunrays and cooling in the sea.

We always chill at Koralj beach, located just beneath the eponymous hotel owned by chain Valamar Resort. You can find your spot on the concrete ground, pebbles, sand or relax in the shade of the pine needles. In addition, there is a wide culinary offer (ice cream, pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs…), showers, water playground for children, this year the newly installed zip line… if for you even this isn’t enough – you can also rent paddle boat, kayak or scooter and drive off to a little bit more open sea.

Is your routine on vacation same as ours? In the morning, first to the bakery for fresh bread and then straight to the coffee, at the evening back to town for some ice cream? There are no holidays in Croatia without this, at least for us. Best coffee in town you will definitely find at the Casa del Padrone, where you can enjoy at »indigenous« cake Krčka kneginja (Dutchess of Krk) and many other desserts and ice creams. In the evening, the local patisserie change into a night bar with cocktails, DJs, hostesses and all that. Prices are a kuna or two higher than elsewhere, but you will not regret it.

If you are not staying at any of the hotels and you do not like to cook or you prefer to dine in a romantic ambiance, the restaurants within the city walls are the right place for you. Taste homemade specialties of Kvarner gulf, seafood or you simply enjoy the one and only – pizza.

Many of people think that Croatia became more expensive in last years but we would not interfere in this… we think that with normal life you will spend as much as you would in Slovenia.

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