Let’s give him a chance…

Hurray for us! It’ not even a month since we came back from our summer vacation and we are already on the road once again. For all of you who have not liked our Facebook page yet, let we just say that in the coming days we will be discovering one of the more interesting European capitals. After a long time, we are returning to Germany, more precisely in Berlin.

Many people say that Berlin is nothing special, just a city as a city – but if you encounter such a cheap air tickets as we did (30,00€ for a return ticket per person, Treviso → Berlin, Ryanair) – then there is really no reason to delay with a visit to the German capital. We will give Berlin an opportunity.

The second largest European city was from the middle to the end of the twentieth century divided with a cult Berlin wall, which later became a canvas for many graffiti artists. The culture of wall art still lives today and these colorful street galleries of anonymous artist have become one of the city’s main attractions. According to the history that took place on the streets of the capital (unfortunately, it was not that bright); we will definitely come across many interesting things. We are convinced in that. Well, not only that, we also have a full list of chocolate stores and bars, which you have to visited when you are staying in Berlin 🙂

So… if you have just come across of your next possible destination, just follow our steps. If you have any advice for us, just say a word.

Auf wiedersehen!

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