Where to travel in May

Europe, great for a spontaneous city break

In the last month before the summer starts, you can visit the huge set of countries in Europe. Higher temperatures are already covered the whole continent and there are less rainy days, which is ideal for a spontaneous city break.

You can catch the last football matches in Barcelona, admire the jewels of Renaissance in Florence, enjoy a glass of excellent whiskey in Scotland or get into the shopping spree at the world-famous bazaar in Istanbul. Of course, there are already nice high temperatures at the south for strolling on the beach. You can choose between the bunch of Greek islands, Malta, Portugal or Israel, especially Tel Aviv.

Roadtrip in America

Do you love roadtrips? Who doesn’t, right? May is a great month for discovering American cities. You can start in Los Angeles, go through San Diego to Yosemite National Park, and then continue to Chicago, where the beer festivals take place and later you can watch the famous horse races in Louisville. There is little something for everyone.

Time for safari in Africa

Do you know countries like Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe? If not, then let us tell you that May is the best time to visit these African countries. On the black continent in this spring month, moderate temperatures and dry weather prevail, which is ideal for visiting safaris and observing those beautiful animals.

The start of the rain season in Asia

In the great part of Asia, the season of rain and monsoons begins; therefore, visiting more famous tourist countries like Sri Lanka, Thailand or Vietnam is not the recommended. Nevertheless, the diversity of the continent allows you a great holiday in Bali, where you can take a surf lessons in Canggu. For those who are less enthusiastic about sport activities, there is always some great shopping in Shanghai or getting familiar with historic Silk Road, which leads you to Uzbekistan. They recommend a stop in Bukhara, where you can admire the flowering walnuts and pistachios.

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