Traveling? What do we get in return.

Did you ever travel on your own? Have you ever thought about what you get in return? Our fast »brain storming« brought us to some interesting facts…

1. Admiration of natural wonders

Beaches, mountains, caves, cliffs… the list of what our planet is hiding for us is never-ending. Just when you think you have seen everything, there is another surprise just around the corner waiting for you.

2. Amazement at the sight of the architectural heritage

Have you already witnessed the feeling, when a look on glorious landmark takes your breath away? We will never forget the first sensations at the sight of the Egyptian pyramids, Eiffel Tower, London’s Big Ben…! How can man build such a magnificent and massive buildings… then you think also on the hours of work done by Renaissance artists who literally bring statues and frescoes to life,… such details. Unbelievable.

3. Acceptance of diversity

The world is intertwined with different religions, different ways of life. Accept that. Do not judge people because they are different from you. Try to merge with the locals and learn about their habits and as they say, do as the locals. Respect that.

4. Start to appreciate what you have

When you walk in certain areas of foreign cities and you are on every step accompanied by piles of garbage, dirty and hungry kids – then is the last time to realize that you have a good life, despite all of your (small) problems. Yet…believe us, there are worse things in this world than a traffic jam on a highway and long lines at the cash register at your neighbourhood store.

5. Meeting new people

During each journey or just a one-day trip, each encounters clusters of different people. Be open to them, socialize and get to know the locals, they may trust you some local secrets, invite you to nice homemade dinner or something else. Never say never, maybe there is the next BFF waiting for you on the other side of the world.

6. Unexpected situations

Each voyage is a story for itself and in a moment, you can end up in the not everyday situation. You can lose yourself, become ill, get robbed, stay without a seat on the plane… these things unfortunately happens, but you have to find a way to get pass that and learn something from it. You will get valuable experiences that will come handy in your life.

7. Tasting new dishes

Let it be the Indian curry, Bosnian meat rolls, Sachar cake or Moroccan tajin… in every corner of the world, each one of you will find something new to taste it, even those most fastidious. You will regretted, if you will not try some local dishes, through the culinary you will also get familiar with habits and life of people in foreign land.

8. Organisation

Everybody want to travel, most on their own, but if you are not the adventurous one who seek Robinson’s holidays, you must invest some energy and time into planning your trip. You need to plan where you will sleep, what you want to see, how you will get there… all this in a very limited time. These experiences you will very much need in organising your everyday tasks.

9. Learning foreign languages

Do not be afraid we are not polyglots! Of course, each time we getting to know some new words, but nevertheless, we rely on our knowledge of English. With more frequent use, our tongue runs faster, vocabulary is broader, however, we already add some juicy curse word, that sometimes come in handy 😃

So… this is our nine quick facts, we surely brought home from our travels. Can you add anything from your repertoire?

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