With bicycle through Polonnaruwa

What could be better than starting the day with Slovenian words from random Sri Lankan local guy in the middle of Polonnaruwa? This and that the same guy – as soon as you step out of the bus – show you a business card of our guesthouse, which we booked in advance. Well, in the end, we got even a free shuttle service. Great! 🙂

Polonnaruwa was the medieval capital city and the main commercial crossing of Sri Lanka, where were traded the rarest and most valuable goods. About this, testify the ruins and archaeological museum in the middle of the city. Ruins are located in a large fenced park, which extends over almost the entire old part of town.

In Polonnaruwa is in addition to tuk-tuk – the main transport bike. We don’t talk about modern or mountain bikes, but about those, which would be few years ago in our country already in trash. And exactly this, gives additional charm and a guarantee that you can leave your bike wherever you feel like it and no one will stole it. We rent a bike in our guesthouse Manel… Well, actually the owner offered us the bike for free, in exchange for positive opinion in Trip Advisor (which it probably will not get, because of the mini ants everywhere in the room).

First, we went to the museum for expensive tickets for the park with the ruins. Tickets are 3.500 rupees or € 23 per person, which is a little bit bad. However, this is the only big thing in Polonnaruwa, which is worth a visit. The main road is approximately five kilometres long and the tickets include admission to the museum and the nearby park where remains of the temple, castle, royal baths and many other things are… In the park you can hold by hours and hours, because it is a pleasant ambience with many trees and pretty landscaped paths that lead you from the attraction to the attraction. The only obstacle may be a cluster of tourists, who also prevented us to do some more beautiful picture.

The main attractions, which are also recommended by Lonely Planet, are located at the exit. These are – Gal Viharaya, a group carved Buddha statues, among which stands 14 meters long statue of Buddha in a lying position, or as they call it in Buddhism “in parinirvani” and Lantinaka – temple like cathedral with white dagoba Kiri Vihara.

Well… in the morning we are going again on the road, this time in a slightly higher altitude location, on the outskirts of the land of the tea – in Kandy. We’ll go there from Polonnaruwa through Kaduruwela, where is a main bus station.

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