Temples and rocks in Dambulla and Sigiriya

In our heads still echoes the rhythm of Indian or Sri Lankan music, which was played for five hours from two large speakers above our heads, during the ride with local bus from Colombo to Dambulla. We were worried with this route, because everyone we asked about it, they recommend different one. Some say that it is better to go to Kandy by train and then to Dambulla by bus, while others would hire a car and driver (which is of course extremely expensive). Thankfully, we insist with our plan and soon found out that we chose the best way. Especially if we tell you, that we spend only 174 rupees (a little more than one euro) for 170 km long ride, which last more than 5 hours.

Since we were bit late, we took a tuk-tuk instead of a bus and go to Sigiriya. A huge park, in which stands out beautiful cliff, named Lion’s Rock. There are two theories of what has been here in history. They say, that once stood a fortress at very top of the cliff, while others mention the monastery. In any event, none of it is no longer visible, only some walls, which make the top even more special. The rock got it’s name after two of lion carved feet and a lion’s head at the summit. From the base to the top it is necessary to walk 1.200 steps, which will take you an hour with slightly faster pace and you will definitely lose some calories 😀

During the climb you will face with a lot of wild monkeys, who are at first very charming and photogenic, but soon you realize they are very clever. One did extremely elegant stole a bag full of banana’s peel from the side pocket of Borut’s backpack, but when she found out there are just peelings, she was very confused. At the top of the rock, we were surprised by the beautiful view, despite some bad weather and late hours. But this view costed us 4.200 rupees (€ 28) per person. We came across that tickets, transportation and everything else is getting more expensive on Sri Lanka, due to the increasing of the visit of tourists.

We ended the day in Sri Lankan style, with real home-made dinner which was prepared by the family in guesthouse Sevonrich Holiday Resort. Rice and Curry in hundred ways was excellent, even though we all (well except the rice) ate first time. We already miss this dinner.

At the morning we had a heavy breakfast (they really exaggerated at the quantity of meals), which gave us enough energy to walk to the Cave or Rock Temple in Dambulla which you can not easily let go. At the foot of this, is huge golden Buddha statue under which is a museum of Buddhism. The Cave Temple is on top of the 160-meter high hill. It consists of five carved caves in which is over 150 sculptures and images of Buddha, some of them dated back more than 2.000 years. Within the temple still ongoing prayers and offering to the Buddha, where people donate from fresh fruits, statutes to clothing.

We slowly learning about their habits, religion, food and history. We were surprised by many things, therefore we are already looking forward to see what awaits us in Polonnaruwa.

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