Our “to do list” for the capital city of England

“To do list”:

–  take a picture of English flag
–  make a selfie with the queen
–  take a ride with Double-Decker
–  have a lunch at one of the markets
–  drink beer in the English pub
–  see the changing of the guard
–  totally calm go past all the coolest shops in Oxford Street
–  buy at least snow globe for our collection…

Oh, we are going to London. And you? Fortunately, there is no red alert and enormous amounts of snow like here in Slovenia. The forecast seems excellent. From 0°C to 6°C, sometimes sunny and probably from time to time, also cloudy weather. We will not complain… but hat, scarf and gloves are the thing, which will definitely go with us in a suitcase.

If the ride to the airport will go smoothly, will be our path much shorter that the last. On 5 February, we fly in London from Ljubljana with EasyJet and fly back with Ryanair airline to Triste. We will spent four night almost in the city centre in very nice Hotel City Continental, in Kensington district. The novelty is that this time we will not be traveling all alone, but in the company of our friend Barbi and Saša’s mother, which will taste the charms of flight, for the first time in her life 🙂

A short conclusion, for those who do not know about London that much – we are speaking about multicultural metropolis of England with 7 million inhabitants and a long list of world famous landmarks such as Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the London Eye.. But, let’s say some more words about that later.

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