The best five of Malta

#1 – Pastizza with ricotta

Given that Malta didn’t charm us with its diversity of attractions, it is no wonder that it is on top our list divine Maltese Pastizza with ricotta cheese. Served hot cake you can get in almost every bakery for a mere 80 cents. Dish is from place to place slightly different, but mostly it is a batter in the shape of a flower, filled with ricotta, spinach or wrinkled peas. We certainly recommend that, when you visit this small county, you definitely need to try this.

#2 – Valleta

Miniature main town of Malta is the fourth smallest capital city in Europe. Despite its miniaturization, served us with a rich diversity, which is reflect in the architecture and lifestyle of the locals. Some famous faces visit Valetta from time to time and during our visit, there prowling to us all well known, English Price William.

#3 – Azure window

Among all the rocks, caves, cliffs and other stones, we’ve been able to see – the Azure window was one of the most lovely. It is 100 meters high natural window, which is located on the island of Gozo. Look on it, daily attracts a cluster of tourist who are stunned about his greatness. It looks really cool.

#4 – Popeye village

Who could forget the days spent in front of TVs watching sailor, who gain great supernatural power with eating spinach. He was a real hero in our eyes. Of, course we’re talking about Popeye. We visited »his« village, which was built in the eighties for the purpose of filming. With its colorful and fine details takes you in time of your childhood.

#5 – Blue Lagoon

For some the most beautiful place and the best spot in the whole Malta. It definitely leaves you speechless with its clear water, but slightly less amazed you will be at the sight of bunch of tourists – during peak season, they literally lie one over another and even pay for it. However, if you are already in Malta, just drive to the island of Comino, where the beach is located and you will see the situation with your own eyes. Maybe you will run on a totally different situation as we did.

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