The last stop on Seychelles: Main island of Mahe with the Capital of Victoria

At the end of our journey, we stopped on the main island, Mahe, where live almost 90 percent of the whole population of Seychelles, and most of them live in the capital of Victoria. The tranquil and casual island atmosphere we have been accustomed so far, has quickly been replaced by clusters of people and crowd on the roads.

The main sight in Victoria is Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke Market or Victoria Market – a marketplace where they sell varied fruits, vegetables and fishes, but of course, there is also something for the tourists → souvenirs 🙂 everything from magnets, statues, tea and various seasoning mixtures. With exception of souvenirs that are relatively favorable, the prices of fruits and vegetables, like on the rest of the islands we visited, are considerably more expensive than we would imagine… certain crops have prices equal or even slightly higher than in Slovenia – that is surprising information considering that bananas, coconuts and papayas grow around every corner.

Right next to the market is the only Hindu temple on the island, called Navasakthi Vinayager, which attracts many passers-by with its colourfulness. Even more interesting is the Tower Clock, a small clock tower, set up more than 115 year ago in honour of the English Queen Victoria. In the 19th century, the Seychelles were an English colony, and the tower is a replica of the one that stands in London just in front of Victoria Station’s main railway and underground station.

Nevertheless, the Seychelles are still Seychelles, so you cannot get pass the beaches. Beau Vallon is certainly the most famous beach, which may not be famous for its super-beauty, but has a varied culinary to offer. There are many booths along the coast with relatively cheap food. You can enjoy grilled fish, octopus, various curry and hamburgers. Finger licking good 😛

Maybe Mahe is not exactly known for beautiful beaches like the island of La Digue and Praslin, but with a little browsing you can still discover the real paradise. Petite Anse – one of the most beautiful, in our opinion even the most beautiful beach we visited on the Seychelles (of course, the opinions of visitors are of course different). At first glance you might think that you cannot get to it. But, how do you get there, you ask? Since most of you get all the information directly on the plate, we decided to keep this a secret… anyway, ask google, he maybe know the way 😍

Regardless on which island you will enjoy your dream vacation, keep in mind that on Saturdays and Sunday, most »sights« and larger shops are closed. This can change your plans a lot, so you’d rather use weekends for finding your perfect beach. We visited Mahe right on the weekend and this was also one of the reasons why we missed a visit to the tea plantation and the most famous distillery of rum on Seychelles, Takamaka – we just took a quick look from the outside.

With a two-day visit to the largest island, we concluded our trip to the Seychelles. Like other destinations, the Seychelles have advantages and disadvantages, which, however, are surely experienced by every traveler in their own way. Despite all this, this was a relaxing and wonderful holiday, which we would recommend to those who love nature, strolling on the beach and enjoy swimming in the turquoise blue sea.

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